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Cycling Route

28.41 mi
1,880 ft
Created By
helen bovey

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Brassington Lane Climb 0.31 mi92 ft5.6%
HPT to Minninglow Ln T junction0.69 mi-98 ft-2.7%
Minninglow Ln down to Ballidon1.66 mi-266 ft-3.0%
Minninglow Lane to Parwich Junction2.99 mi-459 ft-2.9%
Tissington Ford to 2nd NCR sign (unclipped standing start)0.49 mi177 ft6.8%
Tissington ford to highest point1.16 mi256 ft4.0%
Tissington Ford to 2nd NCR sign0.34 mi174 ft9.2%
Tissington Ford Climb0.52 mi230 ft8.2%
R8 - Tissington Ford1.07 mi279 ft4.9%
Tissington Hill climb 0.19 mi85 ft8.3%
Tissington To Thorpe1.35 mi-121 ft-1.7%
Tissington To Ashbourne Tunnel3.70 mi-338 ft-1.7%
Tissington to Callow Top3.21 mi-289 ft-1.7%
The Collie Tiss Trail 50.69 mi-59 ft-1.7%
highfields-ashbourne (davesbicycleworkshop)2.65 mi-259 ft-1.8%
Thorpe To Ashbourne Tunnel2.26 mi-220 ft-1.7%
Cock up (LRL)0.08 mi13 ft2.7%
Foxholes lane climb1.21 mi164 ft2.3%
Foxholes Steep0.19 mi115 ft10.9%
Ridge Lane Up 1st Half0.63 mi157 ft4.6%
All the way Up Ridge Lane 1.27 mi240 ft3.6%
sprint into carsigton dam 0.27 mi43 ft3.0%
Section 61.38 mi-75 ft-0.3%
The Dambusters0.67 mi46 ft0.5%
Section 11.13 mi-52 ft-0.3%
Upto Ryder point 0.86 mi269 ft5.6%
Carsington Ramp0.74 mi282 ft7.0%
B5035 Climb0.68 mi272 ft7.5%
Leg Breaker0.38 mi436 ft21.5%
R8 - Hopton Hill Climb0.68 mi269 ft7.5%
Straight on it0.86 mi272 ft5.5%