2023 AV200 Day 2 100.8 mi (South route)

Cycling Route

100.78 mi
5,271 ft
Created By
David Grenda

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
SR213 EB3.66 mi-121 ft-0.1%
Big Woods to Dixie Rd on 2290.85 mi89 ft1.9%
1420.52 mi23 ft0.7%
Pitts Chapel South0.68 mi92 ft2.5%
Up We Go To Z41.32 mi131 ft1.9%
Newton RR finishing climb0.40 mi72 ft3.3%
Spears to Godfrey rd0.79 mi95 ft2.1%
9 Mile Downhill1.28 mi-95 ft-1.4%
Elliot Road Climb1.34 mi102 ft1.4%