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Napa Valley 50k

Running Route

31.27 mi
7,617 ft
Created By
Adam Ray

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
First 3 miles of the 2021 napa valley endurance run 2.79 mi807 ft5.5%
Oat Hill Mine Rd Climb4.31 mi1,926 ft8.5%
Oat Hill Mine Climb: base tree to trail sign2.26 mi951 ft7.9%
Trail to the top14.52 mi3,944 ft5.1%
to the saddle (3.25mile)3.25 mi1,371 ft8.0%
Oat Hill first mile0.99 mi466 ft8.9%
Oat Hill Mine Full Whack3.08 mi1,329 ft8.2%
Running Wildcat hill0.40 mi174 ft8.2%
wildcat0.35 mi154 ft6.8%
Bench to Big Rock0.52 mi249 ft9.0%
Oat Hill Mine Rd Climb0.78 mi348 ft8.4%
Palisades Rd Climb0.95 mi446 ft8.8%
Steep Climb to Big Rock0.64 mi292 ft8.3%
1000%hell0.23 mi121 ft9.8%
Oat Hill Mine Road Climb0.77 mi322 ft7.9%
Oat Hill Mine Rd Climb0.39 mi157 ft7.5%
Palisades Trail Heading North to Table Rock3.65 mi768 ft0.6%
Old Lawley Toll Road Climb0.50 mi226 ft8.4%
Lake County Hwy Climb0.80 mi561 ft13.2%
Mt. St. Helena - Full Summit and Descent9.90 mi-2,060 ft-0.1%
Lake County Hwy Climb1.37 mi738 ft10.0%
Mt St Helena from Trailhead4.89 mi2,011 ft7.8%
Lake County Highway Climb0.25 mi194 ft14.2%
Stevenson Trail Intersection to Summit4.17 mi1,650 ft7.5%
S State Hwy 29 Climb2.04 mi823 ft7.6%
Lake County Highway Climb0.43 mi187 ft8.2%
No pain no (elevation) gain0.27 mi194 ft13.4%
Mt St Helena Decent to Hwy 295.01 mi-1,998 ft-7.5%
California 29 Climb0.29 mi157 ft9.8%
Laske Point - Out2.71 mi-709 ft-1.6%
Lake County Hwy Climb0.49 mi335 ft12.8%
Old Lawley Toll Rd Climb0.43 mi299 ft13.1%
Palisades South | Table Rock > Oat Hill3.58 mi-732 ft-0.2%
Old Lawley Toll Rd Climb0.22 mi138 ft11.7%
Old Lawley Toll Road Climb0.34 mi161 ft8.7%
Oat Hill Mine Rd Climb0.95 mi584 ft11.6%
Full Oat Hill Mine Descent4.53 mi-1,919 ft-8.0%
Oat Hill Descent - Single Track Junction to Trailhead3.57 mi-1,572 ft-8.3%
Wild Oats Downhill 5k3.16 mi-1,309 ft-7.8%
Last 3 miles of 2021 napa valley endurance run 2.98 mi-915 ft-5.8%
Oat Hill descent - final mile0.97 mi-417 ft-8.1%
Race To The Car!0.97 mi-427 ft-8.2%