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Boulder City Bash ElliptiGO Day (approximate route)

Cycling Route

35.31 mi
2,862 ft
Created By
Jim Cremer

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Boulder Beach to 2nd Hill after tunnels5.65 mi299 ft0.8%
Boulder Beach > Lakeshore Trailhead10.72 mi495 ft0.7%
RMT Segment 28.79 mi351 ft0.7%
RMT from boat launch parking to right turn1.21 mi72 ft0.9%
RMT 48.43 mi463 ft1.0%
Water plant to 17 mile marker.2.26 mi299 ft2.4%
RMT - Fish Hatch Climb0.90 mi161 ft3.2%
RMT Counter ClockWise, "TT" End of Guardrail to Left Turn3.14 mi-200 ft-0.5%
1st step0.37 mi105 ft5.3%
RMT Counter ClockWise, Left turn to Final Hill2.43 mi390 ft3.0%
RMT - Lake Las Vegas View Climb4.54 mi459 ft1.7%
Ugly sisters TT (CCW)4.06 mi364 ft1.4%
The Steep Sister0.42 mi105 ft4.7%
Sister 40.21 mi46 ft3.9%
Sister Ascent 10.39 mi121 ft5.7%
River Mtn Trail - 3 B's1.17 mi282 ft4.5%
RMT 3 sisters, North to South1.49 mi272 ft2.6%
Sister 10.31 mi102 ft6.1%
Sister 10.31 mi102 ft6.1%
Sister 20.26 mi98 ft6.8%
Sis3 Tank gate to Yellow stripes0.22 mi72 ft5.7%
Bridge to Bridge Up2.34 mi203 ft1.6%
Equestrian gate to RR pass2.82 mi213 ft1.2%
RMT Equestrian to Old Vegas Trail1.45 mi112 ft1.4%
Equestrian to bootleg canyon6.75 mi479 ft1.3%
RMT Equestrian Gate Uphill to Top Gate2.21 mi180 ft1.5%
Old Vegas Trail to BC Hwy6.44 mi381 ft0.4%
RMT @ Old Vegas to RMT @ Veterans Dr3.76 mi121 ft0.6%
Old Vegas Trail RMT entrance to Veterans Summit 5.26 mi344 ft1.2%
UP CLIMB TO CRASH 1.12 mi89 ft0.6%
Paradise to BC5.28 mi390 ft1.3%
rr sprint away2.83 mi105 ft0.0%
RMT gate to bridge, just the twisties1.79 mi-115 ft-0.5%
Pedestrian Bridge to BC Statue4.44 mi390 ft1.2%
IT'S ON LIKE DONKEY KONG0.72 mi-66 ft-1.3%
Curve of DEATH0.06 mi13 ft2.6%
Railroad Pass Race Way1.01 mi-75 ft-0.6%
Fling over the RMT RR Tracks0.21 mi-69 ft-5.8%
Rail Road Pass to the Statue3.83 mi390 ft1.6%
RR Pass Straightaway0.27 mi-33 ft-2.2%
FIRST 3 2.86 mi249 ft1.6%
FIRST MILE 1.00 mi66 ft1.2%
Truck Stop to Bootleg3.39 mi387 ft2.2%
Interbike Dirt Demo Final Kick to the Summit1.35 mi187 ft2.6%
Up and Down the Bootleg Trail on RMT2.53 mi262 ft0.4%
RMT Veterans to Summit1.61 mi246 ft2.9%
Final climb to Bootleg summit0.76 mi177 ft4.3%
The Big Bike Climb0.72 mi164 ft4.3%
Bombing Bootleg 0.85 mi-210 ft-4.6%
rmt bootleg to 930.81 mi-200 ft-4.7%