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Running Route

21.4 km
189 m
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ROoT Relay

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
High St to Stirling Corner Furzehill challenge2.07 km41 m1.0%
Furzehill Road - Ascent Only1.26 km41 m3.2%
Furzehill Climb1.51 km40 m1.9%
Ripon Way Climb0.49 km48 m9.9%
feeling lucky ....0.34 km-12 m-3.4%
Sterling to Hendonwood climb0.90 km29 m3.2%
Barnet Rd (Way to St John's)4.21 km27 m0.4%
Barnet Hospital to Barnet College0.79 km7 m0.4%
Barnet High St to the Tube Bridge0.88 km-39 m-4.4%
Barnet to Finchley4.05 km-14 m-0.0%
Blast to Lyonsdown0.67 km-9 m-0.1%
Odeon to the Griffin2.05 km12 m0.4%
Council to Avenue1.34 km-5 m-0.3%
Council to Woodside0.74 km-1 m-0.0%
Three Horse Shoes to Tally Ho1.63 km-9 m-0.6%
Three Horseshoes to Torrington Park1.21 km-5 m-0.4%
High Road East Finchley (Part 1)0.91 km21 m2.3%
East Finchley High Road 1.36 km25 m1.7%
High Road East Finchley (Part 2)0.50 km6 m0.5%
Stag to Lion0.33 km-14 m-4.1%
Bishops Avenue up1.27 km48 m3.8%
Bishops Mansions1.27 km46 m3.6%
To Parliament hill0.85 km-24 m-2.9%
Long drag into finish......1.12 km-47 m-4.0%
Chargeeeeeee1.10 km-45 m-4.0%
various XCs west side of lap mostly downhill0.58 km-23 m-3.9%
Down Parliament Hill West path0.29 km-25 m-8.4%
Unleash the Devastator!0.43 km-25 m-5.6%
All downhill from here0.30 km-23 m-7.6%