OK Falls - The Wall - Green MTN

Cycling Route

101.18 km
1,380 m
Down to OK Falls, up the infamous Wall, take a look at the Observatory and then head to the backside of Green Mountain.
Created By
Kevin Rokosh

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Eastside Road - Marina Driveway to McLean Creek Rd8.37 km14 m0.2%
Barley Mill Pub Duathlon Out16.21 km120 m0.1%
McLean Creek Road5.10 km106 m2.1%
McLean Creek Road Climb1.52 km69 m4.5%
McLean Crk Drag Strip0.58 km-7 m-1.1%
McLean Creek Rd Descent (Corner to Walnut Ave)2.13 km-89 m-4.2%
The Wall Penticton5.45 km163 m3.0%
The Wall to Willowbrook12.38 km177 m0.9%
Ready, Set, NO!5.57 km156 m2.5%
Prepare for Take Off3.63 km47 m0.3%
Little Wall Less Steep 🚵🏻‍♂️6.75 km181 m2.5%
Green Lake 10k TT South9.98 km178 m1.0%
See Ya Later1.56 km136 m8.7%
BFH1.93 km141 m7.1%
Green Lake Road TT6.65 km-69 m-0.8%
Hayman TT out 6.54 km-66 m-0.6%
Green Lake to Willowbrook5.31 km-70 m-1.0%
Magic strip of tarmac2.40 km-79 m-2.8%
Don't make eye contact1.87 km-27 m-1.4%
Willowbrook to the Grasslands climb4.11 km113 m2.8%
Pre-White Lake Willowbrook Climb0.45 km45 m9.9%
twin Lake climb5.87 km202 m3.4%
Around da Golf3.41 km-45 m-0.3%
Green Mountain Rd to Apex Mountain Rd14.13 km353 m2.2%
Back side green mountain climb12.17 km347 m2.8%
Green Mountain Rd Climb2.44 km106 m4.3%
Green Mountain Descent from Apex Rd19.70 km-558 m-2.8%
CH Green Mountain Descent - SAG wagon rolloff option17.88 km-534 m-3.0%
Reservation Rampage1.97 km-26 m-1.3%