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SFRC WHHM Course 2023

Running Route

12.84 mi
2,648 ft
SFRC Women's Headlands Half Marathon Course. It starts on Rodeo Beach on the sand and follows the Coastal Trail to Julian Trail. At the high point you cross McCullough Rd and continue on Slacker Trail to the SCA Trail and then Alta Trail. Continue on Bobcat to the Marincello descent to Tennessee Valley and continue to the beach until you take a left and connect back to the Coastal Trail all the way back to the beach.
Created By
San Francisco Running Company

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Simmonds Rd Climb0.52 mi207 ft7.1%
Simmonds Rd Climb0.50 mi203 ft7.4%
Simmonds Rd Climb0.34 mi226 ft12.3%
Coastal Trail Climb0.40 mi259 ft12.0%
Conzelman Rd to Coastal Trail Descent0.29 mi-171 ft-11.2%
Coastal - Bunker to SCA1.97 mi650 ft5.0%
Coastal Trail Climb (service road cutoff to parking lot)1.23 mi377 ft5.8%
Julian Trail Climb1.22 mi387 ft6.0%
Conzelman Rd Climb0.21 mi144 ft12.9%
Coastal (McCullough to SCA)0.49 mi220 ft5.3%
First half of Slacker0.19 mi190 ft18.5%
Coastal Climb to the Peak0.34 mi246 ft13.5%
SCA to Alta1.12 mi259 ft3.7%
Redwood Highway Climb0.20 mi151 ft14.0%
Alta to Marincello1.42 mi-217 ft-0.1%
Alta (SCA to Bobcat)0.65 mi-135 ft-3.3%
Bobcat (Alta to Marincello)0.73 mi121 ft2.8%
Marincello Mile1.00 mi-400 ft-7.6%
Marincello (Bobcat to Tennessee Valley)1.43 mi-676 ft-8.8%
SFRC PR Your Mile 1.00 mi-531 ft-10.0%
JB TVal Downhill0.74 mi-95 ft-2.4%
Tennessee Valley Launch0.25 mi-33 ft-2.3%
Tennessee Valley (Miwok to Coastal)1.18 mi-115 ft-1.7%
Chapparal Tr Climb0.20 mi207 ft18.9%
Coastal Trail, Tennessee Valley - Wolf Ridge1.14 mi791 ft12.9%
88 reasons why trail running is awful1.13 mi804 ft13.0%
Hill 88 but only to the junction0.96 mi774 ft15.3%
coastal - climb from tennessee valley to overlook0.53 mi538 ft19.1%
coastal - climb from overlook to ridge0.39 mi220 ft10.6%
Hill 88 @ Coastal Trail to Gate (Descent)0.94 mi-561 ft-11.3%
final descent from road 2018 MUC0.77 mi-338 ft-8.1%