Tour of the White Mountains: 9-mile

Cycling Route

9.51 mi
354 ft
Created By
Todd Sadow | Epic Rides 🤘🏽

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
TOWM 9 Mile9.51 mi-154 ft-0.0%
1st 4 miles3.71 mi75 ft0.1%
Mark Twain to Iron Horse1.03 mi-23 ft-0.4%
iron horse meltdown2.25 mi-36 ft-0.1%
Iron Horse1.25 mi46 ft0.1%
CC- Iron Horse to Chip0.84 mi23 ft0.0%
squiggly sprint0.63 mi-23 ft-0.1%
Country club CCW from chip to start2.44 mi128 ft0.1%
CC Eastside Gate-to-Gate S to N0.35 mi20 ft0.2%
2nd gate to pat mullim spur0.31 mi95 ft5.7%
super d from pat mullen1.02 mi-121 ft-2.3%
Iron Horse Connector1.25 mi-46 ft-0.1%
Iron Horse to Mark Twain1.04 mi23 ft0.4%