The Gallows 2

Cycling Route

116.5 km
2,388 m
Created By
Bernhardt Meyer

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Hartzenberg St Climb2.06 km87 m4.2%
R406 Climb2.46 km88 m3.6%
First climb back2.01 km72 m3.5%
Tekkerz section (The Gallows.)0.82 km25 m3.0%
Grewe St Climb2.14 km141 m6.6%
Lords to Galg5.11 km289 m5.7%
Lords to Peak (full climb)11.02 km959 m8.7%
Boesmanskloof Hiking Trail Breakfast Rock Walk Climb3.94 km461 m11.7%
Boesmanskloof climb to the top5.86 km665 m11.2%
Galg tar climb5.79 km640 m11.1%
Hek tot by die Galg5.70 km635 m11.1%
Galgeberg Climb from Gate5.65 km639 m11.3%
Boesmanskloof Hiking Trail Breakfast Rock Walk Climb2.14 km237 m11.0%
Boesmanskloof final push0.40 km29 m5.7%