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Kong Ultra Bad Weather Route

Running Route

27.48 mi
4,934 ft
Saturday 24th June 2023 Note - descent from Greenup edge down Wythburn valley will be flagged
Created By
Lou Osborn

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Petrol Station to 30 Sign0.12 mi-3 ft-0.6%
Run to Portinscale0.86 mi62 ft0.5%
Offroad short climb past Portinscale0.19 mi131 ft12.8%
Lingholm undulations0.63 mi43 ft0.8%
Segment0.60 mi295 ft9.2%
Terrace to Terrace1.76 mi-279 ft-0.6%
Catbells Terrace N > S1.57 mi-308 ft-2.5%
B5289 Climb0.35 mi164 ft8.6%
Terrace Descent0.39 mi-246 ft-11.9%
B5289 Climb0.31 mi167 ft10.0%
B5289 Climb0.74 mi436 ft11.1%
River to Castle Crag Col0.59 mi358 ft11.3%
Borrowdale empty the tank0.84 mi-226 ft-4.7%
Bozzer Finale0.47 mi23 ft0.5%
milky0.27 mi26 ft0.8%
stonethwaite bound0.35 mi10 ft0.3%
Stonethwaite stumble3.09 mi1,677 ft10.2%
Lining Crag Climb0.10 mi151 ft22.7%
Segment0.69 mi180 ft4.9%
Wythburn to Swirls3.17 mi269 ft0.5%
Seat 2 Swirls1.49 mi-190 ft-1.7%
A591 Climb0.40 mi180 ft8.4%
A591 Climb0.28 mi151 ft10.1%
Stybarrow dodd fell race sprint finish0.11 mi-66 ft-10.6%
A591 Climb0.55 mi387 ft13.1%
High Rigg1.98 mi571 ft5.4%
Up the Rigg1.09 mi482 ft8.3%
Big Climb0.42 mi364 ft16.0%
A591 Climb0.30 mi135 ft8.4%
Summit 5 to Summit 60.16 mi72 ft1.4%
High Rigg Descent to Outdoor Centre0.35 mi-410 ft-21.9%
crack to road0.12 mi-82 ft-12.0%
Brundholme Gate to Brundholme Road Bridge along old railway path1.90 mi-138 ft-1.1%
Keswick parkrun back from far side of bridge1.56 mi-98 ft-1.2%
Keswick parkrun - back1.56 mi-141 ft-1.6%
KesParkRunBack1.58 mi-148 ft-1.4%
Lactate time! Keswick parkrun (802m)0.49 mi-79 ft-2.7%
DCH COACHING - Long Rep (Back)0.55 mi-56 ft-1.9%