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ADL > CC > STL > ADL 92km / 1,576m

Cycling Route

91.58 km
1,576 m
Created By
goodnessgravel & twowheeltours

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Here's Jolley!0.45 km7 m1.3%
Zoo to Disco bridge1.11 km11 m0.1%
Frome Rd bridge to Hackney Bridge1.22 km11 m0.1%
St Peters to Walkerville - Go!1.67 km11 m0.4%
og to ob0.98 km6 m0.4%
brookvale hump0.90 km21 m2.3%
Highbury Hotel KOM0.74 km28 m3.7%
Lwr NE Rd, Awoonga to Grand Junction3.19 km75 m2.3%
Anstey Hill3.11 km187 m6.0%
ansteys hill first section1.73 km126 m7.3%
Anstey Hill - 2nd Half1.12 km57 m5.1%
past the water works0.75 km41 m5.3%
Gorge Rd Cudlee Creek sprint3.81 km-15 m-0.4%
Dale's Cafe Sprint0.39 km-7 m-1.2%
Adelaide-Lobethal Rd, Lobethal to Kumnick Hill2.73 km113 m4.1%
Late for school - Lenswood0.39 km28 m6.8%
Deviation from the north3.14 km133 m4.2%
Lobethal Rd Climb to Deviation Crest1.10 km84 m7.6%
deviation rd climb0.84 km49 m5.7%
Deviation Road Complete4.27 km40 m0.7%
The Deviation Rd World Championship Sprint0.38 km9 m1.4%
Rangeview Drive + Old Carey Gulley Rd..5.42 km-129 m-0.7%
Old Carey Gully Rd1.18 km78 m6.6%
TDU Stage 3 finish line sprint.0.36 km13 m3.6%
Ayers Hill Rd1.39 km81 m5.9%
Avenue Rd east side climb0.26 km21 m8.2%
Ayers Hill Road0.84 km53 m6.3%
Ayers Hill Short 0.51 km40 m7.9%
Ayers Hill - Hill Only0.28 km29 m10.2%
Epiphany Pl0.36 km21 m5.8%
Crafers to the Bollards1.51 km-48 m-1.5%
Piphy Sprint0.21 km7 m3.3%
Bike Path to Bollards0.80 km12 m0.5%
Freeway - Bollards to Tollgate8.69 km-399 m-4.6%
Dirty X(T)C1.41 km-74 m-5.2%
barrier to elbow4.69 km-203 m-4.0%
Downhill A0.64 km-35 m-5.1%
eagle straight1.01 km-72 m-6.7%
Eagle Edo Sprint1.62 km-86 m-5.3%
let's get technical2.78 km-129 m-4.6%
Eagle Park esses0.68 km-43 m-6.4%
The Old Freeway Zone 31.00 km-41 m-3.9%
Sprint before Hairpin0.38 km-4 m-0.9%
The Old Freeway zone 2 1.00 km-41 m-3.9%
Ridge-line Esses into Elbow0.98 km-45 m-4.6%
Ludlow Corner0.20 km-15 m-0.7%
The Old Freeway Zone 1 1.66 km-83 m-4.9%
Tunnel 1 to Toll Gate1.78 km-73 m-4.1%
Glen Osmond Rd Burn2.51 km-85 m-3.4%
Greenhill Rd to South Tce Sprint0.55 km8 m1.2%