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D3 B : ADL > CLDN > ADL 105km / 1,439m

Cycling Route

104.81 km
1,439 m
Created By
goodnessgravel & twowheeltours

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Lights to the devil3.36 km162 m4.8%
S Eastern Fwy Climb1.54 km69 m4.5%
B-double drag0.33 km17 m5.1%
Tunnel One1.86 km92 m4.9%
The Old Freeway (Tollgate to Bollards)8.64 km415 m4.8%
Freeway Dogs to Eagle on the Hill5.05 km232 m4.6%
Arrester Bed Sprint0.47 km36 m7.5%
Tunnel Sprint0.61 km15 m0.5%
Tunnel Two1.28 km68 m5.2%
Dogs Sprint0.59 km36 m6.1%
Dogs VS Koalas2.97 km128 m4.3%
Rocket ship booster0.83 km23 m2.7%
Devil to Bollards5.50 km261 m4.4%
Elbow to Eagle Climb3.06 km143 m4.6%
90 sec #10.71 km33 m4.5%
windy climb1.12 km54 m4.5%
3/5 tollgate-bollards1.73 km70 m4.0%
Koala Corner0.51 km35 m6.8%
4/5 tollgate-bollards1.68 km91 m5.4%
Koala + top section3.37 km182 m5.4%
Koala climb0.14 km16 m11.4%
Bollocks Climb0.80 km43 m5.3%
Eagle to last stand TT0.90 km26 m2.9%
The Last Stand1.58 km85 m5.4%
attack and consolidate0.65 km35 m5.3%
Sprint to bollards0.80 km44 m5.5%
Spew zone to bollards 0.47 km23 m4.8%
Bollard Sprint Finish0.36 km10 m2.7%
B2BP :-)0.78 km-13 m-0.4%
Ayers downhill sprint (roundabout to roundabout)0.33 km-34 m-10.3%
Clarendon to Bakers Gully1.65 km82 m5.0%
maclarenvale overpass0.47 km8 m1.6%
Red Bollards to Bridge3.30 km21 m0.3%
Bollards to the rickety bridge1.69 km-16 m-0.9%
Forest of Arenberg1.61 km20 m1.2%
Bridge to Bridge5.90 km-52 m-0.4%
Pedler Sprint0.27 km4 m1.6%
Double Sprint Under Main South Rd0.43 km10 m2.3%
Rail Trail1.66 km-25 m-1.5%
Seaford end to Expressway2.09 km30 m1.2%
River Rd Bikeway climb 0.66 km11 m1.7%
River kicker0.07 km5 m6.3%
Start of Expressway North2.57 km42 m1.6%
Expressway North Young St Climb0.82 km39 m4.8%
Expressway Tunnel Kicker0.22 km13 m4.7%
Veloway tunnel to Majors Rd2.77 km76 m2.7%
Veloway Decent - Majors Rd to Seacomb Rd3.32 km-103 m-2.8%
veloway descent2.30 km-121 m-5.3%
Marion Rd - South to Sturt0.80 km-18 m-2.2%
Greenhill Rd to South Tce Sprint0.55 km8 m1.2%