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Valley Loop

Cycling Route

39.32 mi
2,182 ft
This classic loop takes you through the charming towns of Solvang, Los Olivos, and Santa Ynez, offering scenic views of vineyards and rolling hills. It's a moderate ride of approximately 40 miles with a mix of flat and hilly terrain.
Created By
Jack G

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Pintado to Edison (turning lane)2.67 mi151 ft0.8%
Measuring Stuff0.25 mi66 ft4.8%
Baseline Hill1.46 mi131 ft1.7%
10 Minute Threshold Segment3.44 mi121 ft0.4%
Roblar (westwards)3.59 mi-72 ft-0.1%
Roblar Rd1.87 mi-72 ft-0.6%
Climb de Foxen3.33 mi397 ft2.2%
Foxen Canyon (northwards/uphill/The Wall)4.25 mi390 ft0.7%
Foxen from 154 to Dump Peak2.82 mi367 ft2.5%
Dump Climb1.42 mi282 ft3.7%
Dump Hill Climb1.11 mi272 ft4.6%
Foxen #11.00 mi256 ft4.8%
Top of Dump Hill to Foxen RT1.09 mi-262 ft-3.8%
Foxen RT to start of Zaca Climb1.97 mi230 ft2.2%
SatGrpRideLeadingToClimb1.82 mi213 ft2.2%
Zaca Lake Foxen climb2.63 mi420 ft3.0%
SatGrpRideClimb1.55 mi308 ft3.7%
SatGrpRideJUSTtheClimb0.91 mi217 ft4.5%
Foxen Flat to TurnAround (zaca lake)0.64 mi92 ft2.7%
Bottom of Zaca to Foxen 1.83 mi-220 ft-2.3%
PAA TT 20171.82 mi-190 ft-2.0%
B for Bananas3.53 mi-295 ft-1.6%
DC Flyby0.76 mi-92 ft-2.2%
154 (Zaca to Foxen)2.65 mi184 ft0.4%
154 Climb toward LO1.19 mi144 ft2.3%
L.O. to Solvang4.54 mi-308 ft-1.2%
bombs away0.77 mi-49 ft-1.2%
LO to Solvang4.47 mi-328 ft-1.4%
Alamo Pintado left turn to stop before red-light3.65 mi-249 ft-1.3%
Santa Barbara Ave to Ballard Ave1.10 mi-82 ft-1.4%
Alamo Pintado Solvang Sprint1.03 mi-62 ft-1.1%