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Yellow 6/Aug/2023

Cycling Route

71.49 km
1,207 m
North on N11 to Berryfield, cut across to Enniskerry, sharp left before the Scalp to Killegar stables, up to Johnnie Foxes, left to Devil's Elbow (careful on descent), right towards Glencree, left to cut over towards Crone Wood, climb towards Glencree (regather at top), over the hump to Feather Beds (regather), right to go down to Marlay Park (regather at sharp right before Merry Ploughboy), Enniskerry Road, left on Ballychorus Road, Bray seafront, back to Kilmac via Southern Cross road
Created By
Rory Ward

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Esso Kilmac to N11 Dargle Bridge3.18 km-66 m-1.8%
M11-Bail!0.73 km-13 m-1.1%
full fassaroe0.52 km32 m6.1%
Fassaroe Avenue Climb0.32 km20 m6.1%
Berryfield Lane climb2.29 km55 m2.3%
Berryfield first climb0.61 km34 m5.5%
Killegar Road3.96 km125 m2.3%
killegar to the peak top3.28 km115 m3.5%
Killegar Short and Steep 1.11 km70 m6.2%
Y Junction Ballybetagh Rd to Glencullen1.64 km70 m4.2%
Final kick to Glencullen0.63 km52 m8.2%
🚲 Glencullen - Kilmolin3.75 km-92 m-2.4%
Non Hazerdous, Glencullen Descent.1.06 km-71 m-6.7%
Crone Wood to Featherbeds9.50 km343 m3.5%
Glencree (Cat 3, 5.1km)5.10 km192 m3.8%
Col de Galib-a-cree2.96 km145 m4.9%
Liam Horner Climb0.52 km44 m8.4%
Lough Bray to Stocking Lane2.97 km123 m4.1%
Test M Road5.97 km125 m0.2%
Featherbeds2.77 km118 m4.3%
Tuesday Nights KOM2.09 km86 m4.1%
Stocking Descent to Viewing2.42 km-106 m-4.4%
Crappy surface descent. Here be pinch flats.1.78 km-63 m-3.3%
Cruagh Descent (Bridge ► Bridge) 1.36 km-118 m-8.6%
Cruagh road kicker0.38 km6 m1.6%
Tibradden Road W to E 1.40 km-39 m-2.1%
College Road - East1.17 km-15 m-1.0%
M50 bridge0.45 km20 m4.5%
Kingston to Lamb Doyles0.94 km35 m3.7%
Ticknock Park to Lamb doyles0.43 km10 m2.4%
Lamb Doyes descent0.73 km-24 m-3.0%
Lamb's Cross to Burrow Rd. Ascent0.99 km23 m2.2%
Rosemount Leg Burner0.37 km9 m2.5%
Woodside to Stepaside1.39 km22 m0.2%
Get that gap0.64 km11 m1.7%
Belarmine to Stepaside Sprint0.59 km-20 m-3.1%
Step village-golden balls1.90 km2 m0.1%
Little drag to golden ball0.73 km15 m1.7%
There is a little bit of a drag to Kilt..0.49 km3 m0.1%
Kilternan to Rathmichael Rd Junction2.67 km-56 m-2.1%
Ferndale to Old Conna2.77 km-31 m-0.2%
Ferndale Hill0.34 km24 m7.1%
Aravon to M11 Flyover1.93 km-61 m-3.1%
Ravenswell sprint0.39 km-3 m-0.9%
Strand Road Sprint1.18 km-4 m-0.1%
Putland Road Start to Finish0.92 km37 m4.0%
Putland road climb0.48 km25 m5.1%
R761 Sprint to Roundabout0.31 km13 m4.0%
Boghall Road to Woodies2.39 km26 m0.9%
Ramada to Ida BP1.25 km-15 m-0.9%