2023 The Last Best Ride: Mountain Goat (Short Course)

Cycling Route

78.0 km
1,277 m
Created By
Sam Boardman

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Trevithick Hill0.18 km2 m1.0%
Trumbull Canyon Rd Climb2.46 km87 m3.5%
Trumbull Canyon Rd Climb4.76 km185 m3.9%
Trumble Creek Descent3.91 km-173 m-4.4%
Pavement!3.24 km-81 m-2.5%
Unnamed Road Climb1.77 km82 m4.6%
1690 west4.17 km-28 m-0.2%
Haskill to Dysfunction Junction Climb5.83 km147 m2.4%
TLBR Two Track and Head Butt3.03 km144 m4.8%
Haskill Creek from IH junction 1.78 km130 m7.2%
up to the bridge0.98 km56 m5.7%
TLBR Bob Cedar Descent3.82 km-177 m-4.6%
Huckleberry Lane Climb1.50 km84 m5.6%
N. Lake Loop Down to 800 Gate7.32 km-183 m-1.7%
TLBR Last Descent7.13 km-318 m-4.5%
800 to Last Chair3.05 km-131 m-4.3%
Up the Viaduct0.21 km7 m3.2%