Mad Trapper Relentless 10k Loop

Running Route

9.98 km
390 m
The course is awesome. It truly is Relentless. The first 3.5k warm you up with some twisty-turn, up-and-down, technical single track. Then from 3.5k to 6.5k you're pretty much running uphill the entire time. And yeah, it's technical too. But at 6.5k you've got view of the lake below which (almost) makes it all worth it. However, you are rewarded with what is pretty much a continuous downhill scream back to the Ark. If you're racing the Relentless 50k, you get to do this loop 3 times!
Created By
Mike Caldwell

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Chemin de Farrellton Climb0.42 km50 m11.6%
Mad Trapper 10k (New 2022)9.92 km134 m0.9%
Mad Trapper 10km longer Loop (New 2023)10.00 km150 m0.0%