Bristol to Lincoln Leg Burner

Gravel Riding Trail

29.39 mi
3,391 ft
Created By
Hotel Vermont

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Bristol to Top of Notch Road6.53 mi1,496 ft4.3%
Lower Notch warm up0.32 mi154 ft8.9%
Notch Rd Climb3.54 mi1,266 ft6.8%
Notch Rd Climb3.55 mi1,214 ft6.5%
NOTCH!3.39 mi1,171 ft6.5%
Upper burn out0.51 mi240 ft8.8%
Upper 3/4 of Notch2.54 mi840 ft6.3%
green road south0.88 mi272 ft5.9%
Quaker Street Climb0.65 mi535 ft15.4%
Purinton Rd W Climb1.31 mi377 ft5.4%
Vermont 17 Climb0.42 mi269 ft12.2%
Robert Young Rd down1.86 mi-240 ft-1.9%
Meehan Down2.15 mi-663 ft-5.8%
Ireland to Lincoln4.42 mi-102 ft-0.1%
Between the Gaps1.63 mi-39 ft-0.1%