**TDB 63 miler**Center Point

Cycling Route

63.47 mi
4,032 ft
Created By
Mark Rohde

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Blaschke to 2892.42 mi161 ft0.3%
Small nibble of Joshua creek0.46 mi69 ft2.1%
Takin that Vacation BACK!4.21 mi-276 ft-1.2%
Stoneleigh Hill0.46 mi141 ft5.7%
473 to River1.23 mi-46 ft-0.7%
Waring Welfare Rd2.92 mi-233 ft-1.5%
Blaschke Mile0.98 mi102 ft1.7%
Under I-10 Climb to PoPo's1.15 mi135 ft2.1%