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MITCNC - Berkeley Three Bears (Intermediate)

Cycling Route

22.1 mi
1,782 ft
The Three Bears Loop is the gold standard loop of the East Bay. A picturesque ride of modest duration, this route takes you along smooth roads through the green hills of Berkeley. Cyclists are able to admire both the San Pablo and Briones Reservoirs while ascending Mama Bear, Papa Bear, and Baby Bear, all relatively short and pleasant climbs. With secluded views and close proximity to both Berkeley and Oakland, the Three Bears Loop is both convenient and enjoyable. If you would like to extend your ride and add a bit more climbing, continue on to Wildcat Canyon and El Toyonal.
Created By
Edward T

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Minor Rd to Bear Creek Rd1.17 mi52 ft0.6%
SPDR TT NB Power Climb0.35 mi43 ft2.3%
SPDR TT NB (Part 2)1.84 mi36 ft0.2%
SPDR Crosswalk Sprint0.36 mi20 ft1.0%
🐻 3B: SPD DH1.45 mi-292 ft-3.8%
Sprint to Castro Ranch0.62 mi-69 ft-2.0%
Castro Ranch Road2.23 mi207 ft0.3%
*SPDR - Castro Ranch Rd - Alhambra Valley Rd2.26 mi207 ft0.3%
gpc itt - leg 25.03 mi213 ft0.8%
Castro Ranch Road - SPDR to Alhambra Valley2.29 mi210 ft0.3%
Rollers4.77 mi217 ft0.8%
Castro Quick Climb0.77 mi154 ft3.8%
Carriage Hills West1.42 mi197 ft2.6%
Getting schooled climb0.57 mi138 ft4.5%
🐻 3B: CRR ii0.50 mi135 ft5.0%
🐻 3B: CRR ii and iii 1.23 mi174 ft2.7%
Garbage Hill1.25 mi161 ft2.4%
Castroberg climb0.40 mi180 ft6.7%
[<Deep >]0.70 mi75 ft1.1%
Castro neighborhood sprint0.56 mi75 ft2.4%
🐻 3B: CRR iii 0.58 mi75 ft2.4%
🐻3B: Cousin’s DH0.62 mi-157 ft-4.7%
Carriage Hills East Descent0.54 mi-131 ft-4.5%
Bear Backside4.19 mi292 ft1.3%
vBHRR Segment 2: Alhambra Valley Road Bridge to Bump 2.5 miles2.24 mi135 ft1.1%
Alhambra Valley Road - Castro Ranch to Bear Creek2.73 mi174 ft1.1%
🐻 3B: Alhambra2.68 mi167 ft1.1%
VBHRR 2: Alhambra Valley Road TT2.28 mi138 ft1.1%
Alhambra Valley East - Castro to Bear Creek2.67 mi194 ft1.2%
Alhambra Valley Road2.72 mi174 ft1.1%
Alhambra Valley Rd - Castro Ranch to Mama Bear start (invisible climb)4.25 mi308 ft1.4%
Bear Creek Grind (Alhambra to base of Mama)1.55 mi148 ft1.8%
vBHRR Segment 3: Bear Creek Road sprint town line sign to Hampton Rd0.41 mi39 ft1.7%
VBHRR 4: Bear Creek TT0.83 mi79 ft1.7%
VBHRR 4: Bear Creek Road TT0.84 mi79 ft1.7%
🐻3B: Mama ii luv UH0.33 mi95 ft5.4%
🐻3B: Mama ii DH0.43 mi-105 ft-4.5%
Top of Mama Bear to Happy Valley1.50 mi-223 ft-2.4%
Mama Bear's fat hump0.48 mi56 ft0.7%
🐻 3B: Mama DH iii0.85 mi-180 ft-4.0%
Mama Bear Descent0.75 mi-171 ft-4.3%
Papa Bear Hump0.34 mi59 ft3.2%
High Gear Hump0.53 mi66 ft2.4%
🐻 3B: Baby i and ii0.66 mi95 ft2.3%
When children are present0.75 mi-43 ft-1.0%
Wildcat to side road0.59 mi-49 ft-1.5%