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Legenda Birthday Nongs

Cycling Route

100.24 km
1,934 m
Created By
Magdalena O

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Upper FTG to Belgrave4.30 km99 m2.2%
The Mad Mile1.61 km64 m3.6%
Belgrave- Gembrook Rd (Belgrave to Railway Bridge)1.14 km-48 m-3.2%
Puffing to Selby1.21 km34 m2.7%
Serenity Speedway2.26 km-51 m-1.4%
Silky Selby Slide3.73 km-97 m-2.1%
Climb to Emerald1.20 km34 m2.5%
Rolling through Emerald0.73 km-8 m-0.2%
Roundabout to Ronald1.80 km-34 m-1.6%
Off to school1.57 km-34 m-1.7%
To cool for school!0.52 km26 m4.5%
Parslow's rise0.22 km10 m4.3%
Sheepstation Creek Rd Climb1.94 km85 m4.4%
DC dominating on the leg home from Donna!0.72 km38 m4.4%
Sheepstation smash7.32 km-185 m-2.1%
Yellingbo to Rounadbout3.90 km103 m2.2%
Beenak climn3.36 km105 m3.1%
Stevenson Ln Climb1.68 km81 m4.8%
Up to Monbulk1.03 km37 m3.6%
Through the patch and up to Cooks3.26 km168 m5.2%
The Patch Pinch0.53 km26 m4.9%
giant celtic patch1.55 km103 m6.6%
To the Station onroad0.73 km-57 m-7.8%
Sherbrooke road climb - steep part1.62 km104 m6.0%
Kallista Sherbrooke 3.54 km144 m3.9%
Kallista->Svaks PhujiGuv Coffee Challenge12.50 km-326 m-1.4%
ARC Kallista-Ferny Creek3.49 km147 m4.1%
Kallista-Sherbrooke: steep bit to Sherbrooke sign1.12 km93 m8.2%
That's not the top0.77 km24 m3.0%
OTH to SaSS1.94 km-51 m-1.7%
Ready to descend 1/201.12 km-39 m-3.5%
20/16.93 km-281 m-4.0%
1 in 20 bus stop descent5.46 km-219 m-4.0%
Sassafras - False Flat 1/20 3.88 km-135 m-3.5%
ARC 1:20 Descent6.70 km-274 m-4.1%
1in20 descent6.75 km-278 m-4.1%
Sass to Bas6.81 km-268 m-3.9%
Old Bayswater Sassafras Rd Climb0.69 km140 m20.3%
Look through the corner!0.20 km-9 m-4.5%
20-1 false flat0.62 km11 m1.7%
Skill Tester0.78 km-23 m-2.9%
Stay Above 500.19 km-8 m-4.2%
Bus Stop/turn around 0.65 km-30 m-4.7%
Ang's corner0.35 km-17 m-4.8%
Chasing cars1.20 km-58 m-4.8%
Forest Road4.25 km-64 m-1.1%
Forest1.77 km-38 m-1.2%
Boronia to Burwood (Forest Rd)3.03 km-56 m-1.8%
Forest Road Bullet0.81 km-20 m-2.4%
down the road2.20 km-48 m-1.5%