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Dirt Mulholland to Hub with Vanalden Vista

Running Route

11.87 mi
1,418 ft
At 2.94 miles turn right at Reservoir. Go up to Vista then back to Mulholland. At 6.2 go right through the yellow gate and up to the Hub.
Created By
Kevin Strehlo

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Mulholland Dr Climb1.06 mi276 ft4.9%
Dirt Mulholland to Serrania Intersect0.78 mi249 ft6.0%
N&M 400 M Hill Repeat0.25 mi69 ft5.3%
Serrania to Natoma0.55 mi82 ft2.8%
Mulholland/Temescal Gate to Hub and back4.12 mi-371 ft-0.0%
Fire Road #30 Gate to Hub1.83 mi371 ft2.2%
Temescal Canyon Rd Climb0.43 mi131 ft5.8%
Temescal Climb from Garapito to Hub1.24 mi367 ft5.6%
Rogers Fire Rd Climb0.53 mi135 ft4.8%
Benchmark Hub Climb0.31 mi151 ft8.9%
E Topanga Fire Rd Climb0.31 mi177 ft10.7%
Mile down from Hub1.00 mi-246 ft-4.7%
Temescal Hub to Mulholland Gate2.04 mi-367 ft-2.0%
Temescal #30 Descent1.40 mi-364 ft-4.9%
Drop from Hub Junction0.23 mi-131 ft-10.6%
Armageddon0.60 mi157 ft4.9%
Mulholland Dr Climb0.54 mi157 ft5.6%
Vanalden to Winnetka on Mulholland0.71 mi-102 ft-0.8%
Winnetka to Santa Maria on Mulholland0.54 mi-52 ft-1.8%
Santa Maria to Serrania on Mulholland0.57 mi-85 ft-2.4%
Serrania to Mulholland Dr Descent0.71 mi-246 ft-6.5%