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Fortuna Batesville Short

Cycling Route

35.63 mi
2,827 ft
Created By
Alex Young

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Jefferson Park Avenue Southbound0.49 mi23 ft0.1%
parkway push on0.41 mi-30 ft-1.3%
0.36 mi-62 ft-3.2%
McKenzie's Breakaway0.37 mi-66 ft-3.3%
Ol lynch getaway 1.05 mi-98 ft-0.1%
Best Part0.52 mi-95 ft-3.4%
Rollout1.31 mi118 ft1.4%
631 Hill0.22 mi95 ft8.1%
Fiddlestick sprint0.17 mi56 ft5.4%
Come on Nick; beat my time!0.47 mi56 ft1.9%
Dudley Mountain (Old Lynchburgh to Red Hill)3.59 mi138 ft0.5%
Another time for Nick to beat!1.49 mi128 ft1.6%
Red Hill Rd. Finale1.80 mi157 ft1.5%
last miles of miller school RR6.20 mi341 ft0.3%
Edge Valley West2.68 mi128 ft0.8%
Edge Valley Climb to plank road1.88 mi105 ft1.0%
Plank Road Climb0.99 mi194 ft3.3%
Batesville Town Sprint2.59 mi-335 ft-1.2%
Downhill To Batesville1.74 mi-341 ft-3.7%
Batesville Sprint From Stillhouse Creek0.34 mi-36 ft-2.0%
Miller School Climb0.45 mi121 ft5.1%
Miller School Dick Woods to TG6.30 mi230 ft0.3%
Miller Flow Section1.07 mi-187 ft-3.2%
Miller School Descent1.38 mi-190 ft-2.6%
MSA Service Entrance Sprint0.17 mi69 ft7.2%
Miller Service Entrance Sprint0.12 mi46 ft7.0%
Miller Sprint0.51 mi-10 ft-0.3%
Dick sprint0.20 mi-3 ft-0.2%
Dick Woods Climb0.74 mi187 ft4.5%
Dick Woods Down and Up East3.41 mi-167 ft-0.2%
Dump sprint 1.42 mi-125 ft-0.2%
Last little BRR climb0.46 mi108 ft4.3%
Bloomfield Road northeast1.88 mi131 ft0.4%
U Hill 0.31 mi56 ft3.0%
University Hill0.22 mi20 ft1.4%
Going Back to School0.25 mi59 ft4.4%
UVA Chapel Hill0.20 mi56 ft5.0%
University Hill Crush0.20 mi56 ft5.4%