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14/04/24 G3 40m

Cycling Route

40.29 mi
1,643 ft
Created By
Adrian B

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Dunmow - Bardfield6.67 mi151 ft0.1%
The Broadway sprint2.08 mi115 ft0.5%
End to End0.92 mi26 ft0.0%
Oxon Hill0.58 mi30 ft0.9%
Squashed Ferret 0.48 mi23 ft0.8%
betty swollocks1.15 mi-72 ft-1.1%
Weeeeeeeee!!0.26 mi-33 ft-2.3%
Blast Into Bardfield0.59 mi-36 ft-0.9%
bardfield to finchingfield2.25 mi98 ft0.7%
UofK0.72 mi39 ft0.6%
blam0.33 mi13 ft0.4%
Up and past the Red Lion0.14 mi20 ft2.4%
Finchingfield to Rayne9.54 mi-121 ft0.0%
Church Dig0.04 mi7 ft2.7%
Wethersfield smash up0.18 mi30 ft2.9%
Wethersfield to Church End2.18 mi82 ft0.1%
TdF Weathersfield to Shalford1.30 mi-72 ft-0.4%
pant's climb0.13 mi26 ft3.5%
Just keep going!0.20 mi52 ft4.8%
uphill sprint into Shalford0.17 mi23 ft2.5%
TdF Shalford to Rayne5.67 mi108 ft0.1%
Church to Chase1.64 mi75 ft0.1%
Down and Up to Hyde Cottage0.53 mi46 ft0.6%
Climb to Hyde Cottage0.24 mi39 ft3.0%
The chase1.65 mi-69 ft-0.8%
TDF Section2.98 mi-66 ft-0.3%
From one footpath to another0.68 mi-30 ft-0.4%
Hannibals route into Duckend green0.69 mi52 ft1.3%
Let's Light It Up Baby0.24 mi-43 ft-2.9%
Hornells Corner Sprint (Southbound)0.62 mi-46 ft-1.3%
just getting my swerve on 0.40 mi-20 ft-0.9%
To the Compasses!1.37 mi75 ft0.3%
Church Lane Cut Off0.23 mi-16 ft-0.9%
Littley Green0.67 mi66 ft1.6%
make it a half ( but in a pint glass)0.42 mi-59 ft-2.3%
Up, Up, Up....0.69 mi89 ft2.4%
B1008 Felsted-Howe Street0.51 mi-43 ft-1.6%
Col Du Howe0.29 mi23 ft1.5%
B1008 stretch 0.27 mi23 ft1.2%
Waltham - Chignal Road3.21 mi118 ft0.6%
mashbury straight1.64 mi56 ft0.5%
Masbury towards Stagden X1.80 mi62 ft0.6%
Barrack Bomb0.37 mi23 ft1.2%
The Deer view0.54 mi-13 ft-0.5%
Downhill Delight0.55 mi-52 ft-1.8%
Leaden Lump1.71 mi75 ft0.7%
Leaden Legs0.39 mi-3 ft-0.1%
Up to Brett's1.15 mi43 ft0.6%
Marks Hall Lane's "S"s0.89 mi-33 ft-0.2%
PG Sprint 0.24 mi-3 ft0.0%