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Glandy Cross-Newcastle Emlyn-Boncath-Bwlch-Maenclochog-Glandy Cross

Cycling Route

44.57 mi
4,698 ft
Created By
Mike Field

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Fern Hill Climb1.10 mi358 ft6.1%
llan to Blaen3.46 mi492 ft2.6%
Shiral Wood climb 0.51 mi302 ft10.7%
Bro Iwan Climb1.27 mi502 ft7.4%
newcastle emlyn to cenarth2.18 mi-128 ft-0.2%
cenarth R+R bends0.53 mi128 ft4.5%
A484 Emlyn > Cenarth Sweeping corner0.56 mi128 ft4.3%
B4332 - Out of Cenarth0.55 mi197 ft6.7%
B4332 Climb0.73 mi292 ft7.5%
Abercych to Boncath3.44 mi453 ft2.5%
Interpub sprint champs0.12 mi59 ft7.4%
Penrhiw to New Chapel climb1.45 mi463 ft6.0%
Penrhiw to New Chapel climb1.45 mi463 ft6.0%
Penrhiw to the top1.31 mi351 ft5.0%
Boncath inn to Postgwyn0.75 mi135 ft3.2%
Crosswell courier2.21 mi-112 ft-0.5%
Never Stop Exploring3.89 mi1,037 ft5.0%
Preseli Climb2.82 mi892 ft5.8%
Preseli Climb Official 2.79 mi928 ft6.3%
1st half of preseli climb1.66 mi535 ft6.1%
Preseli Climb2.65 mi892 ft6.4%
Preseli Climb Monument junction to top2.13 mi741 ft6.6%
B4329 Climb1.03 mi404 ft7.4%
Preseli Descent1.35 mi-423 ft-5.9%
Preselli Speed Trap 0.68 mi-266 ft-7.3%
RB Reservoir0.34 mi121 ft6.8%
Julies Sprint0.21 mi33 ft2.6%
Maen descent0.98 mi-154 ft-3.0%
Temple Druid0.23 mi108 ft8.6%
Hairpin climb from stream0.41 mi151 ft6.8%