Past Two Weeks
Past Two Weeks

Vikings Cycling Club 'Norman' - TGA Loop

Cycling Route

39.32 km
527 m
Friday morning bunch ride run by Vikings Cycling Club starting at 6am. Multiple bunches based on speed. CA Licence required as it is a club ride.
Created By
Andrew Collins

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Chancelry Close Climb0.54 km112 m20.5%
The Exit0.07 km3 m3.7%
City Hill0.92 km-16 m-0.6%
London Circuit to Commonwealth Bridge South1.69 km-13 m-0.2%
End of the Line0.30 km-7 m-2.2%
The Gallop3.11 km-14 m-0.1%
Gotta sprint long bro2.87 km17 m0.1%
Novar push [Ngunnawal Country]1.38 km16 m1.1%
Stonehaven Cr - HoT1.02 km37 m3.5%
Adelaide to Red1.01 km33 m3.3%
VCC Norman Sprinters Loop TGA Sprint1.32 km-34 m-2.5%
Dishlicker1.31 km-18 m-1.3%
Carnegie0.57 km39 m6.8%
Dalrymple to Monaro Pinch0.39 km7 m1.6%
Mugga Way Part, Griffith1.34 km10 m0.1%
fitzgerald (first section)0.33 km19 m5.7%
wednesday gallop start2.21 km-31 m-0.3%
The Voitemrottenberg0.54 km24 m4.3%
Fitzgerald Punch (Full)0.54 km22 m4.1%