SRC: Bee Creek

Cycling Route

61.69 mi
4,650 ft
Created By
Thomas Lea

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Steiner Ranch Cycling Rollout1.05 mi-59 ft-0.2%
SRB to 6200.85 mi69 ft0.6%
Dam Sprint Westbound0.28 mi20 ft1.3%
Mansfield Dam Westbound0.65 mi335 ft9.6%
Lakeway Blvd Climb0.92 mi177 ft3.6%
Lakeway Blvd Granite Trail to The Hills Dr0.78 mi121 ft2.9%
Highlands Climb0.34 mi98 ft3.9%
Highland Blvd Westbound - creek to traffic circle1.64 mi253 ft2.9%
Westbound Highlands Climb0.40 mi125 ft5.7%
highlands last climb0.42 mi59 ft1.4%
Bee Creek False Flat Sprint0.90 mi-59 ft-1.3%
Bob Wire Rd. from Bee Creek Rd. - Hwy711.60 mi292 ft3.5%
RO KOD1.97 mi-348 ft-3.3%
Windy Walk1.10 mi230 ft3.9%
Flying J1.07 mi59 ft0.0%
Thurman2.20 mi194 ft1.4%
Old Ferry to River Road2.05 mi-108 ft-0.6%
Old Ferry Road Climb2.63 mi161 ft1.0%
River Road to Pace Bend Road2.07 mi108 ft0.6%
Honey Badger5.87 mi285 ft0.2%
Bombs away!1.86 mi-246 ft-2.5%
Bee Creek Climb back0.75 mi184 ft4.2%
Crosswind0.66 mi200 ft5.6%
Highlands Blvd East From Circle to near Stop Sign2.26 mi-217 ft-0.2%
Highlands Blvd - The Fun Part!0.96 mi-174 ft-3.4%
53x11 Highlands Blvd 0.33 mi-121 ft-6.9%
ביסקוויט צליעה0.90 mi236 ft4.9%
Lakeway World of Tennis0.62 mi187 ft5.7%
RH Hill Sprint0.49 mi161 ft6.1%
Hilands Blv To Lakeway Dr East1.08 mi-164 ft-2.4%
Hill City - Lakeway Blvd from The Hills to 6202.24 mi-131 ft-0.2%
620 TT from Lakeway to General Williamson3.19 mi-115 ft-0.4%
lakeway blvd. to general williamson3.15 mi-115 ft-0.4%
My Wife is in Labor6.62 mi-427 ft-0.3%
Drive Thru Liquor Hill0.21 mi62 ft5.5%
Dam Flyer0.32 mi-10 ft-0.6%
Mansfield Dam Climb to Quinlan (remove stoplight issue)1.78 mi341 ft3.6%
Dam Climb Out0.47 mi115 ft4.5%
Past Dam Climb to Quinlan1.42 mi187 ft2.5%
Welcome to Steiner Ranch0.65 mi85 ft0.1%
Steiner Ranch Blvd. - Quinlan to Quinlan1.18 mi69 ft0.5%
Steiner Ranch Punch Sprint0.43 mi85 ft2.9%