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Route 6 : Balcony route La Garde - Freney

Cycling Route

51.01 km
1,680 m
One of the most beautiful (small) roads around here! Not for those who are afraid of heights...
Created By
Auberge La Douce Montagne

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Route de Savoie Climb0.78 km-8 m-0.4%
Rochetaille - Bourg Home Straight5.68 km19 m0.1%
D10913.62 km7 m0.0%
Farfayet Climb0.70 km94 m13.4%
Avenue de la Gare Climb1.18 km76 m6.4%
blast to bourg1.47 km-14 m-0.8%
Warm up1.22 km-84 m-0.8%
Vierge De La Garde Climb2.24 km200 m8.9%
La garde 2.68 km234 m8.7%
2 Premiers Km - Alpe d'Huez2.43 km244 m10.0%
Start to Bend 210.80 km81 m10.0%
6 min interval Alpe 1.31 km132 m10.0%
Km 0 to La Garde church2.60 km245 m9.4%
la Garde and balcony7.97 km591 m7.4%
LA GARDE 22.41 km236 m9.8%
Bocht 21 - bocht 200.69 km70 m10.1%
leg 2 alpe d'huez0.67 km54 m5.5%
Alpe d'Huez #2km0.97 km95 m9.7%
Bend 20 to 190.18 km17 m9.6%
Bend 20 to 190.19 km19 m9.9%
leg 3 alpe d'huez 1.01 km101 m8.6%
Bend 19 to 180.26 km-18 m-3.1%
Vierge De La Garde Climb0.33 km87 m26.4%
La Garde to L'Armentier Le Haut3.14 km207 m5.9%
La Garde to L'Armentier le Bas2.53 km116 m4.1%
La Garde to L'Armentier le Bas2.53 km116 m4.1%
Vierge De La Garde Climb0.90 km87 m9.7%
Balcon d'Auris4.94 km350 m7.0%
D211a Overlook Climb4.97 km317 m5.8%
La Carte D'Haute Climb0.69 km112 m16.0%
Route De La Roche D'Auris Climb0.94 km176 m13.6%
D211 A Climb0.46 km102 m22.0%
Vierge Du Cert Climb0.67 km93 m13.8%
D1091 Climb1.31 km81 m6.1%
D1091 Climb0.63 km127 m19.5%
D1091 Climb0.30 km92 m30.4%
Afdaling Le Clapier3.19 km-220 m-6.9%
Saint Guillerme Ii Climb0.57 km164 m28.1%
D1091 to roundabout4.26 km-24 m-0.6%
Le Velo Jaune B and B4.25 km-21 m-0.4%
Splitsing Venosc/Les2Alps > Bourg3.86 km-32 m-0.6%
Pista Bourg d'Oisans3.36 km-12 m-0.3%
Drop Edwards2.11 km-6 m-0.2%
Sprint for Bourg1.75 km-5 m-0.1%
du Vernis sprint before Alpe d'Huez0.09 km0 m0.0%
Le Bourg d'Oisans sprint0.06 km-5 m-8.1%
Vlak Bourge d'Oisans4.93 km-23 m-0.3%
Avenue De La Gare Climb0.31 km82 m26.3%
D1091 > Rochetaillee3.84 km-13 m-0.3%
after the british 33.03 km10 m0.2%