Langdale to Halfmoon Bay Return

Cycling Route

87.75 km
1,569 m
Created By
Tim Hofmann

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Gibsons Bypass2.26 km158 m7.0%
Reid Road Time Trial 2.37 km-25 m-0.7%
Gibsons to Sechelt (Lower Rd via Marlene Rd)19.08 km-138 m-0.6%
Sprint to the Creek6.00 km-91 m-1.5%
leek rd to the creek5.05 km-61 m-1.0%
Roberts Creek (from Marlene Road) to Sechelt10.00 km-109 m-0.7%
Davis Bay Hill0.53 km41 m7.6%
Welcome Woods Climb2.20 km91 m4.0%
Redrooffs Rd. Section2.62 km31 m0.3%
Bottom of Trout Lake (southbound)1.60 km96 m6.0%
Up to Trout Lake (southbound)2.52 km104 m4.1%
Climb from Trout Lake Road (southbound)1.14 km90 m7.9%
B Climb3.32 km153 m4.4%
Trout Lake Rip - Southbound4.01 km-54 m-0.1%
Trout Lake to Sechelt Sprint10.37 km-156 m-1.5%
Mason to Mills0.75 km13 m1.7%
OLD VERSION - Sechelt Sprint0.54 km-7 m-1.2%
sechelt->conrad15.99 km133 m0.7%
Sechelt to Gibsons (highway)17.73 km122 m0.7%
Davis Bay Hill (southbound)1.21 km30 m2.5%
jack rd -->top of rat portage1.41 km80 m5.7%
Lower Rat Portage Hill0.57 km37 m6.4%
Rat Portage Hill Climb0.79 km52 m6.5%
Gibsons Bypass Descent2.09 km-148 m-7.1%