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Mad River Riders East Warren Road loop

Cycling Route

14.57 mi
1,123 ft
An Easy 14.5 mile loop from Waitsfield to Warren and back via East Warren Road.
Created By
Matt K
September 26, 2016·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Main St Climb0.24 mi390 ft30.2%
GMSR TT Climb (To Airport Rd)2.29 mi479 ft4.0%
GMSR TT - Start to the Dip5.30 mi492 ft0.9%
GMSR TT to Rox Mtn Rd, 2.25 mi482 ft4.0%
GMSR TT Climb1.59 mi364 ft4.3%
GMSR TT Course5.64 mi502 ft1.2%
GMSR Uphill (w/o start)1.61 mi394 ft4.6%
GMSR Uphill (w/o start)1.61 mi394 ft4.6%
rocket2.33 mi482 ft3.9%
GMSR TT hill2.20 mi472 ft4.1%
GMSR TT5.56 mi502 ft1.3%
GMSR Hill w/o false flat1.56 mi384 ft4.6%
GMSR Hill w/o false flat1.56 mi384 ft4.6%
GMSR TT - After 1st Climb to Finish4.16 mi253 ft0.0%
GMSR TT top to the dip2.41 mi-194 ft-1.4%
GMSR Downhill Leg2.95 mi-279 ft-1.8%
GMSR TT Downhill to Finish3.33 mi-246 ft-0.8%
Stupid TT Downhill2.90 mi-272 ft-1.0%
Top of climb to bottom of dip2.60 mi-223 ft-1.6%
GMSR TT top of climb to finish2.79 mi-253 ft-1.0%
GMSR TT 1K2GO Kilometer of Doom0.74 mi131 ft1.3%
eterniTT0.45 mi131 ft4.7%