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Assault on the Carolinas

Cycling Route

65.45 mi
5,624 ft
Created By
Brad Campbell

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Cedar Mountain to Brevard on 27633.92 mi-1,722 ft-0.7%
Cashiers Valley Rd sprint1.75 mi125 ft1.3%
Eagle Cir Climb0.77 mi384 ft9.4%
Walnut Hollow Rd South (End to End)3.29 mi407 ft0.8%
Walnut Hollow Road1.06 mi423 ft7.6%
WH Peak to CH base / intersection32.69 mi-1,745 ft-0.8%
Walnut to East Fork1.62 mi-272 ft-3.2%
WH>EF DH1.19 mi-223 ft-3.5%
Walnut Hollow Descent and Runout3.82 mi-348 ft-1.7%
East Fork to Pickens0.99 mi49 ft0.8%
178 Continental Divide1.71 mi400 ft4.4%
178 Descent to Bob's Place 4 road kill sandwich8.64 mi-1,237 ft-2.7%
178 S #20.46 mi213 ft8.7%
178 S #30.89 mi213 ft4.5%
Descent from mailboxes to Bob's Place1.88 mi-581 ft-5.4%
Sugar Licker Lake Rd to Cherokee Foothills Hwy - Descent4.28 mi-810 ft-3.6%
Bob's Place descent to Hwy112.94 mi-338 ft-2.2%
178 & 11 4 way stop to 288 4 way stop6.42 mi-210 ft-0.4%
Full Caesars Head Climb7.66 mi2,021 ft5.0%
My Caeser's Head7.04 mi2,034 ft5.3%
Caesar's Head- Longest climb6.87 mi2,188 ft5.9%
Ceasars Head6.44 mi2,057 ft6.0%
caesar head (visitor center)6.44 mi1,965 ft5.8%
Lower Ceasars Head3.54 mi1,115 ft6.0%
Caesar's Head Climb6.37 mi2,031 ft6.0%
VRCC-Ceasears to first driveway6.12 mi1,975 ft6.1%
Lower Caesars2.39 mi735 ft5.8%
Ceaser's Head (intersection to parking)6.29 mi1,975 ft5.9%
Ceasar's Crosswalk6.42 mi2,014 ft5.9%
Ceasers 20 min4.48 mi1,394 ft5.9%
Ceasars Head to the sign6.22 mi1,988 ft6.0%
Caesars's Head from hwy8 intersection6.23 mi1,955 ft5.9%
Furman camp long test2.69 mi879 ft6.2%
Caesar's Head 5.45 mi1,709 ft5.8%
Geer Highway Climb0.88 mi400 ft8.6%
Upper Ceasars Head2.20 mi814 ft7.0%
Cliff Ridge Dr Climb0.52 mi262 ft9.5%
Ceasar's Head Interval0.60 mi217 ft6.7%
Caesar's Head to Brevard Finish16.70 mi-1,047 ft-1.0%
Greenville Highway Climb0.59 mi390 ft12.4%
276 drop3.40 mi-597 ft-3.3%
AOTC last three miles Sprint2.88 mi92 ft0.5%
BBQ HILL!!!0.18 mi52 ft5.3%