Past Month

Gates Pass + Big Square

Cycling Route

63.8 mi
2,345 ft
Created By
The Airport Ninja

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
University Hustle 0.99 mi-43 ft-0.8%
Euclid to 6th -> University0.49 mi-20 ft-0.8%
University Boulevard Trifecta Criteria0.41 mi-26 ft-1.2%
Two Sheets and a Comforter Straightaway0.48 mi-36 ft-1.4%
Tortoise and the are 0.54 mi92 ft3.1%
Speedway climb: Silverbell to Greasewood0.82 mi92 ft1.8%
lead up to gates pass climb speedway2.57 mi226 ft1.5%
Gates Pass east TT: Greasewood to summit5.03 mi705 ft2.7%
just the steep part1.19 mi135 ft2.1%
East Side Gates (Camino to Top)2.49 mi541 ft4.1%
East Side of Gates (to parking lot)2.40 mi518 ft4.1%
Gates Pass (East side)2.42 mi499 ft3.9%
East Side Gates Pass before parking lot2.31 mi509 ft4.2%
East Side Gates - Pullout TMP Sign to Apex1.04 mi249 ft4.5%
Final Pitch0.47 mi144 ft5.8%
GatesPass down Hill to Kinney rd2.20 mi-502 ft-4.3%
Shooting Star Down1.59 mi-479 ft-5.7%
backside descent0.29 mi-151 ft-9.6%
reverse reverse2.15 mi213 ft1.8%
Mile wide/Kinney to Sandario N2.67 mi-269 ft-1.9%
Golden Gate rd to Manville1.09 mi-16 ft-0.0%
Sandario Bump0.79 mi16 ft0.4%
Sandario to Sanders0.93 mi-112 ft-2.2%
Manville pulls1.93 mi-148 ft-1.4%
Amway5.99 mi-135 ft-0.4%
amway sprints1.04 mi-20 ft-0.4%
Avra Valley - Clayton to Sanders1.22 mi13 ft0.2%
Avra Valley Rd - Sanders to Sandario0.98 mi13 ft0.2%
Sandario Rd - Avra Valley to Twin Peaks1.44 mi23 ft0.2%
Picture Rocks Climb3.70 mi302 ft1.5%
Picture Rocks Eastward - Sandario to Wade5.74 mi325 ft0.8%
Tula to Wade W-E4.25 mi-262 ft-0.8%
Picture Rocks to Ina2.39 mi-200 ft-1.6%
Picture Rocks Pass0.28 mi82 ft4.7%
Ina Rd - Wade to Silverbell1.47 mi-92 ft-1.2%
Ina Rd - Cortaro to Silverbell1.08 mi-69 ft-1.2%
Silverbell SE Ina to De Green0.87 mi33 ft0.7%
Silverbell - Ina to Sunset2.88 mi49 ft0.3%
silberbell ina to speedway8.71 mi167 ft0.4%
5k tt 23.14 mi56 ft0.3%
Silverbell - Sunset to El Camino del Cerro1.13 mi43 ft0.7%
Silverbell - El Camino del Cerro to Sweetwater1.11 mi20 ft0.3%
Silverbell Hustle2.31 mi56 ft0.3%
Silverbell: Goret to Grant0.91 mi16 ft0.1%
Silverbell: Grant to Speedway1.13 mi33 ft0.4%
Speedway: Silverbell to I-100.98 mi-13 ft-0.2%
Over the River and through the Jungle0.45 mi36 ft1.4%
Welcome to Pagacstan0.28 mi23 ft1.5%
Dunbar Sprint -> Main to Stone0.33 mi26 ft1.4%
4th Ave to University Sprint0.29 mi13 ft0.9%