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Ninja Loop

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11.55 mi
2,266 ft
This loop through the Marin Headlands starts at the parking lot on the northwest side of the Golden Gate Bridge off of Conzelman Road, providing the most convenient access point from San Francisco. The tradition of the Ninja Loop goes back several years ago when a couple of ultra running friends decided to squeeze in a trail run in the wee hours of the morning before work. If you want to start your run at 5:30 am like a true ninja, be sure to bring a headlamp. You will earn your breakfast as you log over 2,000 feet of climbing including two epic climbs on the Miwok and Marincello trails. The early wake-up will ultimately pay off as you crest the final ridge and witness a breathtaking sunrise over San Francisco. There isn't a restroom or drinking fountain at the trailhead so come prepared. You will find outhouses (no water) along the trail at the intersection of McCullough Road and the Coastal Trail and then again at the end of the Old Springs Trail in Tennessee Valley.
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Strava Athlete

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