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Playa Blanca - Yaiza

Cycling Route

32.52 km
477 m
A 32-33km road ride staring with a tough hill to reach Femes which boasts beautiful views over Playa Blanca and great restaurants. Descend to the large roundabout featuring huge camel sculptures and travel the short distance into the town of Uga which has a Saturday market from 10am - 2pm. Yaiza is a quaint town with restaurants, an aloe vera museum, galleries and more. Take the main road back to Playa Blanca.
Created By
Roy Mcguckin

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Playa Blanca to Maciot6.94 km223 m3.2%
Playa Blanca Including Femes5.60 km321 m5.7%
Femes up and over 10.71 km325 m1.6%
Playa Blanca To Femes4.43 km194 m4.4%
Legs N Heart Test :P5.48 km320 m5.8%
#FELLATON PB2Femes up&down10.54 km331 m1.7%
FEMES CLIMB0.88 km111 m12.6%
loop end wobble0.68 km87 m12.8%
Femes the Steep Part0.79 km100 m12.6%
FEMES CLIMB - LAST & STEEP PART0.22 km33 m14.6%
Femes to Uga descent5.04 km-148 m-2.9%
Las Casitas Femes Descent1.52 km-95 m-6.0%
LZ-2 Climb0.38 km113 m29.4%
Yaiza roundabout to La Hoya roundabout4.40 km-83 m-1.9%
Yaiza - Salinas Rdbt - LZ-23.11 km-62 m-2.0%
Yaiza to Playa Blanca TT11.19 km-92 m-0.8%
Last hoya to playa tt7.47 km-24 m-0.2%
Last hoya to playa tt7.47 km-24 m-0.2%
Calle las Margaritas Climb0.52 km95 m18.1%