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Golden Sombrero 2017

Cycling Route

108.93 km
3,057 m
Slightly different route. Start in East Van, and end in Stanely Park.
Created By
Aaron McArthur

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Hastings to 2nd Narrows on Cassiar (AW)1.68 km12 m0.4%
Iron Workers (NB)1.49 km-51 m-2.7%
Ed's 2nd Narrows Burst0.42 km13 m2.7%
Riverside to Top of Cates Park Hill4.18 km31 m0.6%
Dollarton Hwy: Ellis St. to Mt. Seymour Parkway3.73 km49 m1.0%
Dollarton Sprint0.41 km28 m6.1%
Roche Point Park to Mt Seymour Pkwy on Dollarton (AW)2.02 km44 m1.9%
plage to piste16.25 km1,003 m6.2%
VCC - Mt. Seymour Parkway Hill Climb - Dollarton/Deep Cove Rd to Firehall #40.62 km47 m7.5%
Just the burn! 0.27 km32 m11.9%
MSP (Fairway-Crest)0.30 km22 m7.0%
I am not a Rick!1.00 km74 m7.4%
Seymour to 10km9.97 km709 m7.1%
Seymour Hill Climb12.16 km900 m7.4%
Seymour Gatehouse to Baden Powell2.16 km190 m8.7%
Seymour Hill Climb - First Hairpin2.94 km239 m8.1%
Mount Seymour Road Climb0.36 km82 m22.9%
1st to 2nd SB Seymour2.25 km150 m6.1%
Seymour HC - 3rd Switchback2.79 km199 m7.1%
Mt. Seymour 'flats'1.40 km70 m5.0%
Fifth Switchback to Gate (AW)1.01 km77 m7.5%
Mt. Seymour Rd to Seymour Boulevard Westbound on Parkway (AW)4.04 km-93 m-2.2%
Mt Seymour Parkway to Inter River0.71 km50 m7.0%
Lilloet Rd to Monashee Dr1.23 km80 m6.4%
Cemetery Climb0.37 km24 m6.4%
LSCR - Lowest Parking Lot to BP Parking lot1.36 km60 m4.4%
Lillooet Rd burst0.68 km20 m2.7%
Last push of Firsherman's Loop0.16 km12 m5.6%
Nancy Green 700M Sprint0.76 km54 m7.1%
Grouse - sign to sign1.34 km120 m8.9%
Grouse final sprint: Grouseview sign to Grouse Mtn sign0.56 km62 m10.9%
Nancy Greene final 4000.34 km43 m12.4%
Grouse Mountain1.54 km-122 m-7.9%
Capilano Golf Club to Kenwood3.21 km142 m4.4%
Steven chases the Rabbit0.60 km42 m6.8%
The benchmark2.14 km94 m4.4%
Classics push4.41 km108 m2.4%
Chippendale Shortcut0.94 km52 m5.4%
Chippendales to power line9.40 km608 m6.4%
New Chippendale Rd BP's to Lookout1.72 km109 m6.3%
Cypress 2nd Switchback to 3rd Switchback2.88 km178 m6.2%
First Lookout to Cross Country Turnoff (AW)7.32 km442 m6.0%
switch right to power lines4.18 km265 m6.3%
Cypress, 3rd section1.67 km124 m7.4%
Third Switchback to Cross Country Turnoff (AW)2.54 km141 m5.5%
Cypress sprint FTW0.43 km33 m7.5%
Cypress flat east2.15 km-21 m-0.9%
Lion's Gate into Vancouver1.09 km42 m3.8%
LGB Climbing Only0.88 km32 m3.7%