160 KM SKODA Ring of Clare Cycle

Cycling Route

159.68 km
1,647 m
160km route leavubg Ennis to the coast over the Hand (Sliabh Callan), Quilty, Doonbeg, Kilkee, Bridges of Ross, Carrigaholt, Kilrush and home by the Shannon Estuary Loop. Feed stations at Doonbeg and Kilrush and Refuel point at Kildysert.
Created By
ŠKODA Celtic Cycle Series

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Maxol New Road1.03 km17 m1.6%
N85_St. Enda's Climb1.21 km12 m1.0%
Inch Pull4.94 km65 m0.9%
R474: Ennis to Kilmaley7.97 km70 m0.5%
Inch bridge to Knock rd.2.11 km65 m3.1%
Bealcragga to the dolmen.10.27 km163 m1.6%
half the hand0.87 km53 m6.0%
Up the Hand1.94 km75 m3.9%
Quilty Road Open1.72 km-25 m-1.3%
Star of the sea.1.40 km-8 m-0.1%
Seaside stretch1.32 km-4 m-0.3%
West Clare TT (section 3)4.25 km-40 m-0.8%
N67 Straight2.58 km-7 m-0.1%
N67 Climb0.54 km101 m18.5%
Behan's Cross to Morrissey's Turn2.89 km-5 m-0.1%
Doonbeg Village to Belaha Bend 6.05 km18 m0.2%
Kilkee hill2.80 km67 m2.4%
Long John Silver1.93 km46 m2.4%
N67 Carrowblough to kilkee N67 Climb0.67 km26 m3.9%
drag out of kilkee2.02 km42 m2.0%
Kilkee to Carrigaholt8.86 km48 m0.4%
Kilkee to Loop Head turn-off6.57 km48 m0.2%
Carrigaholt to Lisheencrona - Coast Road3.22 km44 m1.2%
Blackweir Hill.0.52 km24 m4.5%
Moyasta to Kilrush 4.48 km43 m0.9%
RNLI to the top of Coastguard Hill !0.52 km13 m1.7%
Ferrybomb6.77 km-57 m-0.3%
N67 Climb0.82 km82 m9.9%
Kilrush to Clarecastle50.92 km-83 m-0.0%
Climb to Killimer Church1.80 km49 m2.7%
Moneypoint to Killimer3.62 km47 m0.1%
Ferry to Kilmurry McMahon8.20 km46 m0.0%
Ferry to the summit home0.96 km25 m2.6%
Knock to the Bridge2.85 km47 m0.3%
Climb outta Knock1.05 km45 m4.2%
Kilmurry McMahon to Coolmeen Turn2.56 km-16 m-0.2%
Coolmeen turn to Shannon Gaels2.06 km33 m1.4%
Labasheeda to Killadysert12.50 km65 m0.3%
Labasheeda to Ennis32.20 km80 m0.0%
Shannakea Climb1.82 km58 m3.1%
Kildysart to Ennis20.96 km-78 m-0.2%
Killadysert Climb0.76 km37 m4.4%
Kildysart to Paradise3.47 km51 m1.4%
Paradise to Ballynacally2.79 km-57 m-2.1%
paradise hill to clarecastle16.02 km-78 m-0.4%
Ballynacally to Drumquin5.84 km-30 m-0.2%
Ballycorrick Bridge to Lisheen Cross2.42 km22 m0.8%
Downhill1.72 km-24 m-0.9%