Northern Combine Hell of the West

Cycling Route

93.84 km
719 m
Created By
Pete M

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
ITT S2 TOUR7.08 km73 m1.0%
Hell of the West - Start to Glenmore Road35.95 km131 m0.1%
a bit of rise2.77 km42 m1.5%
on the way up4.33 km42 m0.4%
staughton vale to granite5.56 km43 m0.7%
Staughton Vale Rd Hill0.70 km29 m4.1%
Staughton Rd downhill1.25 km-27 m-2.1%
Granite Road - Anakie side0.77 km33 m4.0%
Granite Rd Hill0.75 km36 m4.2%
Just the steep bit0.29 km29 m9.8%
Northern Combine just the downhill5.82 km-109 m-1.7%
zoom zoom downhill short1.65 km-61 m-3.7%
Hell of the West - Gravel Section2.39 km-21 m-0.4%
BMB to Brisbane rd2.53 km7 m0.3%
Brisbane Rd to Glenmore Rd8.83 km41 m0.4%
Hell of the West - Glenmore Rd17.80 km263 m1.4%
hello cows!11.03 km89 m0.7%
dash to glenmore8.19 km55 m0.3%
to the start of the wall2.44 km43 m1.7%
Glenmore climb - wait for your mates2.73 km172 m6.3%
Mt Wallace1.99 km173 m8.7%
The Wall 2.2k2.22 km176 m7.9%
sun tour climb2.34 km168 m7.1%
THE WALL!!!1.02 km136 m13.3%
LLC Glenmore hill0.61 km92 m15.0%
Glenmore Rd The Hill0.97 km132 m13.5%
Hell of the West - Ballan-Geelong Rd23.47 km-180 m-0.7%
Geelong Ballan Blast12.26 km-93 m-0.5%
Brisbane ranges rd to Staughton vale rd South19.41 km-196 m-1.0%
Leveretts climb0.44 km20 m4.5%
Drop ya daks1.49 km-88 m-5.9%