Man of Sperrin: Five Peaks

Cycling Route

62.69 mi
5,477 ft
Benbradagh, The Birren, Slieve Gallion, Ballynagilly & The Brown Knowes
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Strava Athlete

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Dungiven - Main Street0.55 mi72 ft2.4%
Haas Road up to Curragh Road0.62 mi115 ft3.5%
Curragh Rd Climb1.77 mi951 ft10.1%
Benbradagh Climb1.26 mi833 ft13.4%
Benbradagh- Corner to Bridge0.34 mi269 ft14.6%
How quickly can you climb gates?2.17 mi-610 ft-5.3%
legavallon rd3.37 mi-174 ft-0.7%
Gelvin Road into Dungiven3.60 mi-154 ft-0.4%
out of dungiven0.61 mi82 ft2.5%
birren to moneyneany6.95 mi-843 ft-0.3%
birren rd steep section0.39 mi220 ft10.5%
Tour Of Ulster Birren Road Climb2.20 mi787 ft6.8%
Birren Road Climb2.28 mi781 ft6.5%
Birren Road (Bridge to Gate)1.20 mi525 ft8.3%
moydamlaght full decent3.53 mi-830 ft-4.4%
Birren Flapper2.40 mi-715 ft-5.5%
Moydamlaght descent0.83 mi-390 ft-8.9%
Moneyneany To Draperstown2.69 mi-118 ft-0.5%
drumard climb to cullion rd3.42 mi758 ft4.1%
Drumard Rd Climb0.69 mi299 ft8.2%
Drumard Hill Repeat Section0.51 mi246 ft9.0%
The Blackwater Dipper1.10 mi-299 ft-5.1%
Bridge to Fea1.30 mi121 ft1.1%
Lough Fea initial descent Cookstown side1.51 mi-299 ft-3.7%
Ballynagilly - complete3.23 mi512 ft2.7%
Dunter's Hill0.36 mi138 ft7.0%
Up to Bells2.82 mi381 ft2.3%
Slaght Road Climb0.37 mi371 ft19.0%
REAL slaght road climb0.35 mi69 ft3.4%
The TullyBrick Emergency Stop Challenge 2.26 mi-338 ft-2.8%
Further Behind Lough Fea1.80 mi-108 ft-1.1%
Maybe Moneyneany ? Maybe not . 1.68 mi108 ft0.8%
B40 Climb2.01 mi663 ft6.2%
Glenedra Rd Descent3.62 mi-682 ft-3.5%