Man of Sperrin: Two Peaks

Cycling Route

22.73 mi
2,151 ft
Depart: Owenbeg, The Birren, Food Stop: St Eoghan's Primary School, Brown Knowes - Owenbeg
Created By
Strava Athlete

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Dungiven - Main Street0.55 mi72 ft2.4%
out of dungiven0.61 mi82 ft2.5%
Up Birren Down Moydamlaght5.34 mi801 ft0.3%
birren rd steep section0.39 mi220 ft10.5%
Tour Of Ulster Birren Road Climb2.20 mi787 ft6.8%
Birren Road Climb2.28 mi781 ft6.5%
Birren Road (Bridge to Gate)1.20 mi525 ft8.3%
Birren Flapper2.40 mi-715 ft-5.5%
Moydamlaght descent0.83 mi-390 ft-8.9%
B40 Climb2.01 mi663 ft6.2%
Glenedra Rd Descent3.62 mi-682 ft-3.5%