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Donut Ride

Cycling Route

47.93 mi
4,747 ft
Created By
Robert Efthimos | LG

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Palos Verdes Blvd Climb0.77 mi125 ft3.1%
Welcome to The Donut, wankers1.62 mi161 ft1.1%
Malaga to Hawthorne via Paseo Del Mar5.13 mi187 ft0.2%
PV Drive 1st climb0.82 mi164 ft3.8%
S15 Via Montamar to Paseo Del Mar0.43 mi-30 ft-0.5%
Lunada Bay Roller2.01 mi-174 ft-1.6%
Paseo del Mar to Epping1.15 mi-148 ft-2.4%
D's Paseo Del Mar Drop-in0.38 mi-72 ft-3.5%
Paseo Del Mar Sprint Interval0.49 mi-56 ft-1.3%
Lunada Bay Single Track (1st half) - in reverse0.57 mi72 ft2.1%
Lunada Bay Escape0.84 mi115 ft2.6%
Donut Surge Paseo Lunado0.27 mi46 ft3.1%
Via Pacheco Bump0.20 mi39 ft3.7%
PV West to Switchbacks6.18 mi292 ft0.5%
S02 Cross Wind 1 mile Hawthorne1.10 mi-23 ft-0.4%
Lunada Pt Vicente Bend4.14 mi-131 ft-0.3%
Just that last little bit0.38 mi13 ft0.4%
PV Dr/Hawt Blvd to Terranea1.21 mi-92 ft-0.9%
S03 Hawthorne to Wayfarers Chapel2.41 mi-105 ft-0.6%
Rush to whalewatch0.39 mi-75 ft-3.6%
Kenny B. sprint0.56 mi-62 ft-0.7%
MTB Roadie to Burma Gate2.23 mi-131 ft-0.2%
Palos Verdes - Bend Climb2.40 mi249 ft2.0%
Full Monty5.22 mi1,211 ft4.4%
Portuguese Bend Rollers0.88 mi102 ft2.2%
Portuguese Bend through Switchbacks2.47 mi568 ft4.3%
Palos Verdes Dr S Climb0.81 mi161 ft3.8%
Sprint to Portuguese Bend1.09 mi226 ft3.9%
RPV Switchbacks 1.88 mi509 ft5.1%
RPV Switchbacks First Half1.17 mi302 ft4.9%
PV Switchbacks turn to Top of Crest3.45 mi961 ft5.2%
PV Switchbacks (2nd half)1.12 mi328 ft5.6%
PV Switchbacks last push to the top0.24 mi69 ft5.2%
Crest1.58 mi446 ft5.3%
Crest final sprint0.16 mi39 ft4.8%
Crest Decent1.54 mi-413 ft-5.1%
S08 Marymount University to Via Del Plaza1.36 mi-240 ft-3.3%
Marrymount/Reservoir/Western/Via Colinita Loop11.31 mi-764 ft-0.0%
Marymount -> PV Dr. East descent 4.18 mi-531 ft-2.4%
One Good Turn Deserves Another0.86 mi-187 ft-3.9%
Miraleste Power Hill0.76 mi125 ft3.0%
PV Drive East - northside descent2.13 mi-489 ft-4.3%
Donut down and around6.43 mi-699 ft-1.2%
SPRINT!!0.31 mi-69 ft-4.2%
#teamcycle Final Hammer0.32 mi-52 ft-2.4%
PVDE to Western Via PVDN1.04 mi-118 ft-2.1%
Covenant Church Sprint0.64 mi-52 ft-0.9%
Colinita0.93 mi230 ft4.6%
Via Colinita1.48 mi348 ft4.4%
Turn & Go 3150.69 mi118 ft3.3%