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Past Two Weeks
Past Two Weeks
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Hong Kong City to Shek O Beach Via Victoria Peak

Cycling Route

64.28 km
3,113 m
A classic Hong Kong ride, exit the city and climb to the iconic view from Victoria Peak.

There are some significant pinches in the climb but just keep reminding yourself of the prize that awaits.

The descent down to Repulse Bay will give you plenty of time to recover and if move recover is required we recommend you take time to stop at Shek O beach, it's a little beachside oasis that will have you forgetting all about the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong city. The food options are great and just what you will need to get you back to the city.
Created By
Peter B
April 20, 2017·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Lower Stubbs Road Climb1.76 km125 m7.1%
HK QRE to Shiu Fai0.57 km33 m5.7%
HK Stubbs Rndbout til Raceview Mansions0.82 km49 m6.0%
Kong On Hospital to White Jade1.44 km82 m5.6%
HK Stubbs Mt Nicholson to Flat0.47 km25 m5.3%
山頂道 Climb0.40 km92 m23.0%
White jade to Coombe0.67 km31 m4.5%
Coombe Rd Climb0.63 km47 m7.4%
Peak climb Section 22.25 km145 m6.3%
Hong Kong Trail Sec. 3 Climb0.42 km82 m19.6%
The real Mt Austin climb1.19 km90 m7.5%
Left Elbow0.39 km58 m12.6%
TheMountAustinWall0.12 km19 m14.8%
Peak Descent5.31 km-306 m-5.7%
Peak Descent (Peak > Magazine Gap/Peak Rd Junction)2.10 km-117 m-5.6%
peak descent (stubbs road section)2.92 km-134 m-4.5%
Cricket Club Climb1.10 km65 m5.8%
Repulse Bay Rd Descent2.46 km-155 m-6.1%
SIRCycling Fast 'n' Furious11.75 km-171 m-0.2%
rbout to headland rd1.62 km86 m5.3%
Stanley rdabout to shek o11.96 km-158 m-0.2%
HK Manhattan To Redhill1.04 km31 m2.9%
Tai Tam Reservoir Rd Climb1.10 km88 m8.0%
Bridge Climb2.00 km107 m5.4%
Tai Tam Gap HK1.74 km106 m6.1%
一轉石澳14.55 km143 m0.0%
Shek O (roundabout to golf course)7.00 km-192 m-2.1%
Shek O Road South TT3.93 km-14 m-0.3%
Shek-O Down Hill Dash3.05 km-108 m-3.5%
Shek-O Decent (final 1km)0.96 km-52 m-5.1%
Coffee sprint0.63 km-14 m-2.2%
石澳迴旋~大潭迴旋7.25 km134 m1.8%
HK Sheko Village to Junction2.55 km104 m3.9%
Shek O w/o D'Ag2.04 km118 m5.4%
HK Sheko Climb til after S1.13 km60 m5.3%
石澳上斜最後衝刺 Shek O to Tai Tam last ramp0.42 km21 m4.8%
Flat Shek O Road North4.06 km23 m0.6%
Descent Tai Tam Roundabout to Bridge1.62 km-104 m-6.4%
Tai Tam Reservoir Rd Climb0.99 km91 m9.2%
Tai Tam Sprint Climb0.35 km15 m4.2%
Manhattan0.39 km-4 m-0.9%
Stanley Gap (towards Repulse Bay)1.48 km112 m7.6%
Stanley Gap to top of RB -> start from the "Twins"0.57 km27 m4.7%
Repulse Bay Road Sprint0.63 km-9 m-0.6%
Taxi home with garmin on in many cases0.38 km25 m6.5%
HK Repulse Bay Road First KM1.41 km52 m3.6%
Repulse Bay Road HK2.78 km141 m5.0%
Repulse Bay Road Climb0.53 km80 m15.1%
Repulse Bay road top half0.70 km34 m4.9%
Lower Stubbs Road descent1.79 km-101 m-5.6%