Yarra Glen

Cycling Route

59.8 mi
5,456 ft
A favourite region of Victoria, known for its vast wineries, Yarra Glen is a wonderful area to explore on two wheels, taking riders out of the city and into the country backroads. By no means an easy ride, you should be prepared for lots of punchy climbs throughout this route, complemented by the picturesque 5km Clintons Road ascent. Feeling hundreds of kilometres away from the city, you are guaranteed to feel at peace while taking in the smooth pavement, light traffic, and spectacular views.
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Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Cotham Road Climb0.47 mi410 ft16.3%
lucky lights0.81 mi-144 ft-3.4%
Burke to Bulleen0.34 mi56 ft3.1%
Burke to Balwyn (Doncaster Road)1.08 mi184 ft3.2%
Doncaster Rd 0.93 mi220 ft4.5%
Col de Hansen0.95 mi200 ft3.9%
Doncaster TT1.17 mi-59 ft-0.6%
Old Warrendyte Rd strip0.61 mi-89 ft-1.9%
Chinese Retirement0.63 mi184 ft4.7%
The Art of Falconry1.85 mi-177 ft-1.2%
Single Track to Timmy's Place0.59 mi-105 ft-3.3%
Jumping Creek Road (Warrandyte-Ringwood Rd to Yarrd Rd Roundabout)2.57 mi338 ft2.1%
Shooting for Hoops1.60 mi249 ft2.5%
Jumping Creek Road1.19 mi299 ft4.7%
The House, The Country Club and The Treble Clef2.20 mi135 ft0.2%
MaxPayne leaving Yarra Lodge1.05 mi69 ft0.7%
Ride the waves1.36 mi-118 ft-0.3%
Push it up there!0.16 mi75 ft8.6%
Sprint to finish0.93 mi-66 ft-0.2%
Dodging balls and planes2.02 mi75 ft0.2%
Race to Yarra Glen2.27 mi-16 ft-0.0%
Yarraview Rd Climb0.52 mi492 ft17.6%
Yarra Glen1.67 mi554 ft6.3%
Top of Yarra Glen to Clintons Rd3.58 mi-505 ft-2.6%
Clintons Rd3.03 mi430 ft1.9%
Clintons Rd climb1.36 mi404 ft5.6%
Clintons Rd Rollercoaster1.60 mi-141 ft-1.3%
smiths gully panton hill run1.90 mi-66 ft-0.5%
Kangaroo Ground-St Andrews Road Climb0.29 mi348 ft22.5%
Panton Hill Sprint0.52 mi-52 ft-1.9%
Peak Cycles - Panton Hill to Eltham College5.43 mi-180 ft-0.3%
Cherry Tree To KG Wattle Glen Rd3.26 mi-121 ft-0.1%
Chase the Brown Dog0.16 mi36 ft4.1%
Magpie Strike Zone0.30 mi-36 ft-2.0%
Kangaroo Ground Hop Extended Version0.70 mi92 ft2.0%
Mid kanga climb official 0.22 mi46 ft4.0%
The KG Store Straight0.48 mi-82 ft-1.6%
Hop up to the Top0.32 mi112 ft6.5%
Kangaroo Ground KOM0.26 mi95 ft6.6%
Wheelers Curve0.26 mi-69 ft-0.3%
2 bump drag to Eltham College0.81 mi-79 ft-0.4%
cracking corner0.27 mi-105 ft-7.4%
Eltham Main Rd descent2.34 mi-390 ft-3.0%
Peak No pedal sprint, apex to school crossing0.52 mi-184 ft-6.6%
MAIN ROAD TT. Yes, that's right it's called MAIN RD, MAIN RD, MAIN RD !!!!3.46 mi-154 ft-0.8%
Research Flat Lands1.37 mi-85 ft-1.0%
BanyuleCC Main Rd TT Part 20.53 mi-23 ft-0.8%
Eltham Pub to Roundabout Smash1.30 mi-72 ft-0.6%
Thompsons Rd - Heading South1.06 mi-157 ft-2.8%
Willing Burke0.33 mi82 ft4.7%