Tour de Holland

Cycling Route

66.25 km
455 m
We all know that Holland is bike country, but did you know that you can cycle through a slice of Dutch-style farmland right here in Ontario? The Holland Marsh is comprised of 7,000 acres of reclaimed land first cultivated by fifteen Dutch families in 1934. Their legacy left us with the scenic Holland Canal Road overlooking rich fields perfect for vegetable farming. Leave from King City and celebrate this "rural ride" with stops at the Apple Orchard Farm, Pine Farm Orchards and the rural farming village of Schomberg.
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York Region

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Keele Climb before 16th Sideroad (CH)0.32 km21 m6.5%
16th:Keele to Jane1.64 km28 m0.7%
16th Sideroad hill0.51 km25 m3.9%
Jane:17th to Aurora1.99 km-25 m-0.8%
Pottageville Pull6.38 km-58 m-0.6%
Downtown Schomberg0.40 km-7 m-1.5%
BWG - Canal Road - 5th side road to 5th Line6.01 km4 m0.0%
BWG - Canal Road - Simcoe Road to Pump House Road2.88 km-1 m-0.0%
Keele 1 mile climb from Davis1.57 km57 m3.6%
relaxing south 0.80 km47 m5.8%
Keele Climb from Davis5.93 km118 m1.9%
kettleby killer2.24 km55 m2.4%
keele grinder 2.59 km68 m2.6%
Keele Street South6.18 km55 m0.2%
Keele Nursery Climb1.96 km56 m2.8%
south keele killer kom7.99 km67 m0.1%
Keele St. North side climb1.10 km44 m4.0%
Keele Rollers2.01 km-19 m-0.8%
17th - Bloomington3.87 km-33 m-0.8%
15th to King Road on Keele (CH)1.94 km-18 m-0.2%
Glory1.21 km-14 m-0.1%