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Lefthand Canyon

Cycling Route

54.24 mi
5,400 ft
Lefthand to Ward, and up to Brainard Lake
Created By
The Airport Ninja

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Broadway & 36 to 36 & Neva2.44 mi-85 ft-0.3%
NoBo to GreenBriar4.63 mi118 ft0.1%
36 to Joder2.94 mi85 ft0.0%
The Cuore Kilometer0.66 mi-56 ft-1.0%
Left Hand Section 12.57 mi318 ft2.3%
36 to Ward General Store (Lefthand Climb)16.52 mi3,353 ft3.8%
Lefthand Canyon (36 to Ward)16.53 mi4,140 ft0.0%
Lefthand Canyon to Brainard Lake19.61 mi4,478 ft4.3%
Brainard Lake from 3619.59 mi4,337 ft4.2%
36 to ward via Lefthand Canyon16.73 mi3,655 ft4.1%
LH first up2.75 mi344 ft2.4%
36 to Brainard Gate20.13 mi4,439 ft4.2%
Left Hand Streamcrest to 11916.60 mi3,432 ft3.9%
Lefthand to split.4.80 mi669 ft2.6%
FasCat 20 minute Field Test8.78 mi1,617 ft3.5%
7 mile AT effort up Left Hand7.07 mi1,234 ft3.3%
Lefthand Canyon (Olde Stage Rd to James Canyon Dr)2.69 mi413 ft2.9%
Lefthand, Olde Stage to Ward (P2P14.67 mi3,379 ft4.3%
Lefthand Canyon Dr Climb1.39 mi397 ft5.4%
Lefthand Canyon to Ward 10.52 mi2,730 ft4.9%
Left Hand Canyon to Brainard Lake (from lee hill)15.19 mi3,816 ft4.8%
Lee Hill Dr to Mile Marker 115.08 mi1,132 ft4.2%
Lefthand -- Lee Hill to Sawmill8.92 mi1,886 ft4.0%
Lee Hill to LHFPD Station1.25 mi315 ft4.8%
Col de l'Iz entrainement8.90 mi2,136 ft4.5%
Lickskillet to Ward6.34 mi1,598 ft4.8%
07/04/10 Boulder, CO3.77 mi1,198 ft6.0%
Indiana Gulch Rd Climb0.93 mi308 ft6.2%
Ward Final Climb (official) - Tree turn to Peak to Peak1.78 mi755 ft8.0%
Final Climb to Ward ending at Water0.96 mi400 ft7.8%
California Gulch steep section0.19 mi148 ft14.6%
Ward Store to P2P0.46 mi157 ft6.3%
Utica Market to P2P0.41 mi157 ft7.1%
Peak2Peak to Brainard Lake4.73 mi1,093 ft4.4%
TRUE Brainard Lake climb(P2P-parking lot just before ranger station)2.53 mi787 ft5.9%
Brainard Lake Rd Climb0.96 mi318 ft6.3%
Brainard gate to lake2.09 mi302 ft2.7%
P2P to Utica Market0.41 mi-157 ft-7.1%
Lefthand dh to construction ish :/4.65 mi-1,283 ft-5.2%
Ward to Buckingham Park Downhill13.86 mi-3,215 ft-4.4%
Slingshot Out of Ward1.85 mi-768 ft-7.8%
Lefthand Canyon Descent - Ward to Greenbriar (post flood reconstruction)16.33 mi-3,514 ft-4.1%
Lefthand Canyon Dr Climb0.57 mi318 ft10.5%
5 Mile Drop4.97 mi-1,096 ft-4.2%
Rowena to Lefthand Canyon Dr & James Canyon Dr3.45 mi-801 ft-4.4%
Backside Lee Hill to Olde Stage Descent 3.46 mi-597 ft-3.3%
James Canyon Dr & Lefthand Canyon Dr to Lefthand Canyon Dr & 365.24 mi-764 ft-2.8%
Lefthand Canyon Dr & Old Stage Rd to Lefthand Canyon Dr & 362.51 mi-322 ft-2.4%
Lefthand Canyon Dr & 36 to 36 & Neva Rd2.16 mi-115 ft-0.7%
36 & Neva Rd to 36 & Broadway2.55 mi85 ft0.4%