We must do better, and we will.

Strava is making a steadfast commitment to become an anti-racist organization – which to us means actively seeking to dismantle and eradicate racism in the Strava workplace, app, community, and, in partnership with thousands of other organizations, among the power structures in our society at large. We regret not acting sooner and want to acknowledge our shortcomings, especially to our Black employees and community members.

Strava isn’t doing nearly enough to combat racism. Put simply, Black athletes have to think about things that other athletes do not, like whether they will be subject to police harassment and put their lives at risk just by going out for a ride or run. The level of emotional burden, pre-planning and inherent fear as a Black athlete is profound. Black athletes are also underrepresented on Strava and have been confronted with racism on our platform. Every moment that we have allowed this to persist, we have contributed to the systemic injustices that oppress Black communities. We are committed to addressing these injustices.

We have to do better inside our organization as well. Our company and leadership do not represent the diversity of the world around us. Our policies don’t go far enough to explicitly state our anti-racism. And we know our practices have bias because we haven’t designed them to make sure they don’t. As a business, we’re coming up short. 

We’re committed to change and to act swiftly to enable Strava to better support the Black community. We have a long way to go toward eradicating injustice and inequality, but we pledge today that we are embarking on this journey and there will be no turning back

These are our first actions as an anti-racist organization:
  • We are reviewing how we design and build Strava to find and fix the ways we are failing Black athletes.

  • We are updating our employee and partner policies to be explicitly anti-racist, which will become enforceable company standards.

  • We’ve assembled an anti-racism task force led by our CEO to establish enduring practices that hold us accountable to these commitments.

  • We have made a donation today to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and are committed to financially supporting organizations combating racism in the future. We encourage you to learn more about their work and donate if you are able. 

This is only the start. We will make permanent changes to Strava with a focused and sustained effort, listening and learning as we go. To the Black community: You are seen, you are heard, we’re with you. We must do better, and we will.

The Strava Team