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Wasting another night on planning my revenge

  • 24.6mi
  • 6,956ft
  • 4:58:46
    Moving Time
  • 12:07/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 4,249


  1. Ryan W.
    Ryan Welts

    strong effort! respek. respek

  2. Randy L.
    Randy Letourneau

    Bad Ass.

  3. Josh K.
    Josh Katzman

    What route? Insane!

  4. Aaron M.
    Aaron M.

    That's nice. Respect the send.

  5. Alan B.
    Alan Bernier

    I almost did Moosilauke this afternoon - would have started at 3pm. Nice work!

  6. Adam W.
    Adam W.

    Thanks, made good time without ever really feeling strained. Started a bit after 1 from near the Loj, up Snapper and Carriage Road, across the ridge, down the Benton Trail (a favorite of mine) across Tunnel Brook Trail, up Glencliff, tagged the south summit, across the ridge again, and down the Asquam Ridge Trail. Would have been sub-5 if I could have parked higher up the road. Crotch deep snow on Asquam for a few hundred yards, otherwise the trails were in good shape.

  7. Ryan W.
    Ryan Welts

    No wetness on the Snapper?

  8. Adam W.
    Adam W.

    Nothing unusual

  9. Patrick C.
    Patrick C.

    Revenge on...?

  10. Steven S.
    Steven Saffo

    Nicely done!

  11. Seth A.
    Seth Acton

    That's a beaut, Clark!

  12. Jeremy M.
    Jeremy Merritt

    Sturdy run. Glad to hear most of the snow is gone!

  13. Biker N.
    Biker Nate

    "No wetness on the snapper?" This is what I miss about running with you guys.

  14. Adam W.
    Adam W.

    Did some innuendo go over my head?