Strava Community Standards

Being part of the Strava community is a commitment to respect: we respect each other, ourselves and the rules. Those rules include Strava’s Acceptable Use Policies, along with the rest of our Terms of Service, and these Community Standards. When we all share mutual respect, we all win. Here’s how we make that happen and what we expect of our members.


Respect yourself

Staying safe is more important than being fast.

Use good judgment and consider the risks of your activities before getting started. Use common sense, stay in control and don’t put yourself in danger.

Don’t get distracted by your device.

Focus on your surroundings and prioritize your safety. Use your device when it’s safe to do so.

Listen to your body and take rest days to avoid injury and burnout.

Rest and recovery are just as important as the days you push it. Recovery spins, easy jogs and commutes deserve kudos, too. Remember, this is all for fun.

You have a right to keep your life private.

You have control over what you share on Strava and can choose the settings that suit you best by using our privacy settings and privacy controls.


Respect each other

Be kind out there.

Be courteous to others. Say hello. Give high fives. Offer help. Pass patiently and carefully. We’re all in this together.

Be kind online, too.

We believe everyone should be able to participate on Strava without fear of being themselves. We expect you to represent yourself authentically on Strava and to trust others to do so as well. Take care of each other and treat everyone with empathy, respect, and kindness on our platform. We do not tolerate bullying, ridiculing, shaming, harassing, personal attacks, or similar conduct in any form.

Keep offensive content off Strava.

As we build the platform for active people, we optimize for connecting people to what motivates them and helps them find their personal best. We created terms and standards to support an inclusive, safe, and welcoming space for active people to strive, and aim to keep Strava accessible to the entire Strava community provided they respect those rules. You can use our tools to block, flag, or report content that violates our Terms of Service. Consider contacting law enforcement if needed.

Create and post your own content.

We support the original creators of content. Respect what they made and create your own great content. If you post media or other content that is not yours, know that it may be taken down in addition to other consequences you may face.

Be inclusive and anti-racist

Strava is committed to actively dismantling and eradicating racism and discrimination in all forms. If you use Strava, you’re joining us in this commitment, without exception.

Don’t use hate speech.

Hate speech is a direct attack based on race, ethnicity, age, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, caste, sex, gender, gender identity, serious disease, disability, body type, or immigration status. We will remove hate speech and may suspend or terminate the accounts of anyone who uses it.


Respect the rules

Obey the law.

We expect everyone using Strava to know and obey all laws and rules related to their activities. Our sports happen in dynamic environments that we share with motorists, pedestrians, other people, equestrians, pets and wildlife. Prioritize everyone's safety and enjoyment of our shared resources and respect the law.

Follow local trail rules.

Most trail systems have their own rules and codes of conduct. Know them, follow them, respect others who are enjoying the same environment. Don’t use illegal or closed trails, or trespass on private property — ever. Stay in control and take care of the people and environment around you. Do the right thing and be an ambassador of your sport.

Don't cheat.

Strava supports fair play and clean competition online and in real life. If you cheated, don’t put it on Strava.

Respect the environment.

Do your part to know and protect your environment. Don’t ruin the experience for others or yourself. Take trail preservation efforts seriously. Take your trash with you if there’s no appropriate place for it — better yet, pick up some trash if you see it. Give back to the incredible natural places that give us so much happiness.

Create good segments.

High-quality segments improve the local community and ensure continual enjoyment of the spaces we explore. Use common sense and keep safety in mind when creating segments. Don’t make segments that trespass on private property or jeopardize protected areas. Be respectful of the community and others when naming segments.

Don't be spammy.

Do not post or comment in an unsolicited or repetitive manner to get attention, gain more followers, or encourage inauthentic interactions. Instead, enhance your Strava experience and build your community by striving to hit your goals and by being the best you can be.

How to report content to us

If you believe something on Strava violates these Standards or Strava’s Terms of Service, please report it to us. We take user reports seriously and will do our best to understand context and take appropriate actions based on our policies and the results of our investigation.