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John Rooke

Watford, England, United Kingdom
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    Activities in 2019
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    miles Ridden in 2019
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Wiggle Cheshire Cheetah Sportive Epic Route. That was a hot one 🌞! Absolutely fab route.

Ride June 18, 2017
  • 100.9mi
  • 5,614ft
  • 7:27:47
    Moving Time
  • 3,631
  • 300
    Relative Effort
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  1. Wayne D'Eath 🇬🇧
    Wayne D'Eath 🇬🇧

    Nice one, are you doing Chris Hoy 100 on 2/7??

  2. John Rooke
    John Rooke

    Thanks Wayne. Not seen that one but am doing the Brewin Dolphin New Forest 100 on 1 July no then the RideStaffs long route on 2 July.

  3. Wayne D'Eath 🇬🇧
    Wayne D'Eath 🇬🇧

    Blimey, no stopping you 👍🏻 good luck

  4. John Rooke
    John Rooke

    Haha, totally addicted to Sportives and absolutely love long hilly rides.

  5. Paul Thomason
    Paul Thomason

    What did you think of the Horseshoe Pass as a climb John?

  6. John Rooke
    John Rooke

    Wasn't on the route today Paul. I did Bike Chester last week hoping they would keep the route the same as last year's and do horseshoe but they changed it to a flatter and much easier Cheshire route instead. Will have to have a ride out and try it myself sometime soon as I hear great things about it.

  7. Paul Thomason
    Paul Thomason

    Ah yes, sorry looked at pic and looked like Horseshoe. I should looked at your map first lol. You did some of Cat & Fiddle, nice climb

  8. John Rooke
    John Rooke

    We did Cat n Fiddle but climbed up from Wincle and not the Macc climb that is in the top 100 climbs book as it would have been off route too much. Was a fab climb but hard work in the heat and with no wind to keep you cool.

  9. Paul Thomason
    Paul Thomason

    Zapped me today the heat did, 50 mile was enough, I was cooked so fair play


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