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Is it possible to be both cautious and optimistic?

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  1. Georgia N.
    Georgia N.

    You are back!

  2. Andre W.
    Andre Williams

    Welcome back Dfens

  3. Kerrikat N.
    Kerrikat No Pants

    Yay babies!

  4. Dfens N.
    Dfens No Pants

    Thanks Georgia! This weird injury knocked me out good!

    Thanks Andre! I have to figure out a way to lose all the weight I gained in the last month!

  5. Dfens N.
    Dfens No Pants

    Woohoo Kerrikat!

  6. M  S.
    M S.

    Low Fat Pizza is Real. So too can this be.

  7. Dfens N.
    Dfens No Pants

    M - low fat pizza!!! My god!! That's like alcohol that doesn't give you a hangover

  8. M  S.
    M S.

    The hangover only comes, if you stop drinking.