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Dale x 4

  • 56.7km
  • 1,459m
  • 2:43:14
    Moving Time
  • 1,645


  1. Jon Wales

    Good effort Jon

  2. jamie crossland

    Amazing effort. You must be insane...

  3. Jon Slate

    Pyrenees trip in September Jamie - closest I can get to replicating a long climb!

  4. Mountain Goat S.

    Mr Consistent on the Dale

  5. Peter M.

    Good ride Jon. Showing us what we should be doing for Sept

  6. Chris Green

    I can't tell you how much more I'd rather die on the Tourmalet than do 4 reps of the Dale! Good effort but you are crazy!

  7. Chris Green

    ps: hope you stopped a couple of times for coffee, cake and cassoulet or you aren't really training for the "real" thing.....

  8. jamie crossland

    I see, lucky bugger....

  9. Jon Slate

    Sandy - sorry I was a bit slow to recognise you this AM. Was surprised how consistent they were to be honest - good sign though.

  10. Mountain Goat S.

    Took me a moment to realise too. Reps on The Dale is a good test for your trip. A bit further afield, but some reps on Holme Moss would be brilliant