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Lap of Dubai Lap of Dubai Lap of Dubai Lap of Dubai

  • 44.4mi
  • 2,305ft
  • 1:57:55
    Moving Time
  • 2,339


  1. Ted King

    Don't be deceived. Maybe 3 meters of elevation gain. Total.

  2. Julian Cousins

    It is as dull a place as it looks Ted?

  3. Samuel Hodges

    Looks exciting Ted........ Good luck for the race!

  4. Gary B.

    as scenic as the Alps ??

  5. David DePiano

    That air quality looks awesome...Good luck Ted & crew.

  6. James Lowden

    I'm happy , still got my KOMs :-)

  7. Arnoud W.

    operation desert storm coming up?

  8. Mobarak Al-Ajmi

    Not for long time James

  9. Ron H.

    Looks freezing

  10. Carl Grzegorzek

    Julian, didn't you know the Dubai Tour is the "Greatest show on Earth"? Haha.

  11. Gaelen Merritt

    Seeing this photo makes me grateful for being able to ride through the Canadian winter. Might lose a toe or two, but no dust and no smog!

  12. Jim Kysela

    "and Mama cooked a breakfast with no hog!"

  13. Julian Cousins

    Carl - tuning in for the last 500m only!

  14. Brian Raney

    It'll be a chance to show off your gaiter/dust filter!

  15. Lanterne Rouge

    been there and hated there. it is a god damned place for sure.

  16. Scott Hawxhurst

    sweet pic

  17. Andre Bellaguarda

    Deve de estar mais quente que o proprio deserto. Parabens.

  18. david baumgardner

    save your Lungs TED !

  19. Robert Grabowski

    regards for Bodi,and sagan brothers